Walnut Diet: Want to Lose Weight Fast with Walnut Juice?

Did you know that the walnut that we all love so much is also a weight loss feature? Thanks to the method known as walnut diet , you can get rid of your weight quickly and get the form you want.

Those who first heard the idea of ​​losing weight with walnuts generally do not believe this. Because, as you know, walnuts are a very fat and high-calorie food. Losing weight by consuming such a food is almost impossible. If you think so, you will see your mind change when you try the diet.

Looking at the comments of those who look at the idea of ​​slimming with walnuts and try it later, it is seen that their ideas have changed in the opposite direction. People seriously lost weight when they did the diet, and the diet fully met their expectations.

How to Make Walnut Diet?

Walnut diet , an unconventional slimming method , can be practiced by almost anyone. There are different kinds of this diet in itself, but the main issue here is to consume the walnut in water. Below are different applications of this. You can apply them very comfortably at home.

 Losing Weight with Walnut Juice

It is a method based on the consumption of nutrients and other important minerals in walnuts. In this method, throw the walnuts from the shell, that is, walnuts into a glass of warm water, and wait until the morning. Then, drink the water first and then the coconut. This procedure will help you lose weight. This process is known as the walnut diet .

Garlic Walnut Juice

It can be called the garlic of the above method. Here we throw a garlic for a glass of water next to a few walnuts. Likewise, we wait until morning and drink water first and then eat walnuts. Finally, we swallow garlic like a pill without chewing. If the garlic is too large to be swallowed, always cut it into small pieces with a knife and swallow it.

This cure prepared with garlic has a great effect. Therefore, if you have a disease or pregnancy, never apply without consulting your doctor. Otherwise, this mixture will interact with the drugs you use and your health will be adversely affected.

Walnut and Date Diet

The last option in the diet made with walnuts is palm. Two foods that are very high in calories such as dates and walnuts will help you lose weight. Moreover, you will see the effect of this clearly in a short time. Also known as the walnut diet , the diet is as follows:

  • Morning: 3 walnuts, 3 dates
  • Lunch: 3 walnuts, 3 dates
  • Evening: 3 walnuts, 3 dates

These are the main meals and you need to consume salads in the snacks. This diet can be applied only for 10 days. Longer application will threaten your health. Therefore, never try longer. Try to consume as much water as possible between meals. Drinking more than 10 glasses of water daily will make a positive contribution to your weight loss. Remember that you should also consult your doctor for this diet.

How Can Walnut Diet Weaken?

The above walnut diet options need to be followed carefully. Each walnut will give you between 40 and 55 calories. Therefore, if you have excess weight, you should not have more than 3-4 times a day, and if you need energy, you should consume 5-6 walnuts a day.

If you consume walnut juice, you will not feel hunger and fatigue during the day thanks to omega 3, omega 6 and unsaturated fatty acids. All these issues will prevent you from being negatively affected by the diet and you will continue the diet for a long time without any problems. This will help you lose weight.

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