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Warm or hot water on an empty stomach morning to weaken?

Warm or hot water on an empty stomach morning to weaken?

Water is one of the basic requirements for people. One person is dehydrated but can live three days. Drinking hot and lukewarm water also has many health benefits. Well, does warm or warm water weaken? We asked this question to Nutritionists and Dietitians, so here’s the answer:

Sual: Does hot water drink or drink warm water weakens?


(Nutritionist and Dietitian Selahattin Dönmez’s answer: Water drink provides a feeling of fullness in the stomach and increases bowel movements, thus helping to lose weight. report. the operation of the waterless thick metabolism is disrupted, so it is very important to pay attention to the water inside during slimming. when it comes to hot water should inside that warm water is to lose weight, applied scientific studies to drink water at room temperature to lose weight so warm drinking water is the best drinking water It is observed that those who want to lose weight can lose weight easily if they consume warm water before, during or after meals. You’ll see that the religion is becoming weakened, aromatic, so you can easily regain water drinking habits.

Dietician Ender Sarac reports that hot water helps to lose weight and continues: de It is very important to drink warm water in order to lose weight in a healthy way and to remove the body from toxins. .)

Sual: Does drinking warm water in the morning melt fat?


Gözde Şahin, the nutritionist and dietician said: eller Warm water doesn’t burn fat in the morning.

Dietician Yasemin Kavaklı gives us the following information about the effects of hot or warm water on weight loss:

(Water is the most important substance after the oxygen required for our body. With only 1% of the water in the body decreases, the volume of blood drops and we start to feel thirsty. When the water is reduced by 20%, the life functions of the person are terminated and death occurs and the water is important for life. To maintain the body’s water balance, it should continue to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.

According to a scientific study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism in 2006, it has not been found that the temperature of water has no effect on calorie consumption. There was no significant difference between the calories burned by those who drink cold or hot water.

The only difference between hot water and cold water for our bodies is that these waters leave the stomach. Hot water leaves the stomach in 80 minutes and cold water leaves in 20 minutes.

Alone drinking of lukewarm water has the following benefits: When we consume warm water with low calorie foods, this mixture will remain in the stomach for longer periods of time, giving more toughness and preventing the feeling of hunger. In addition, warm water activates the working of the intestines and prevents constipation. When we wake up in the morning with a glass of warm water to start the day to relax the digestion, food stored as fat fights.

Although water has no direct effect on the attenuation of heat, drinking water is an action that helps to lose weight. The benefits of drinking water to weakening and health are as follows:

  1. Drinking water takes control of the appetite.
  2. It helps the body to be purified from harmful substances and detoxification makes it easier to weaken.
  3. Reduces cellulite.
  4. Beautifies the skin.

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