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Watermelon Weight Losses, Weaken?

Watermelon Weight Losses, Weaken?

Watermelon is among the most popular fruits of summer. This delicious fruit is very effective on weight loss as well as being a vitamin store.

Watermelon is low in calories

The most important positive effect on watermelon slimming is that it is a low calorie food. 100 grams of watermelon is only 30 calories. The easiest way to lose weight is to turn to foods with high nutrients such as watermelon and low calories. Watermelon with 92% water content gives your stomach fullness.

Watermelon melts belly

In addition to essential nutrients, the watermelon is a liquid-filled fruit that helps you get enough water. The fruit consists of 91% water, 1 cup watermelon means a glass of liquid. The high liquid content in the watermelon makes it a food with a low energy density. Foods with low energy density, larger food volume, less calories with the stomach, satisfying you to eat less, to help get rid of belly fat is an excellent alternative.

Watermelon is full of vitamins, protects immunity while weakening

An ideal diet food should be full and low calorie. Both are available in watermelon, in addition to the vitamins A, B12, C, D vitamins and minerals rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, pyridoxine and magnesium. 1 cup watermelon contains 50 calories, 1 gram protein, 1 gram of fiber. This oil-free super fruit in 1 cup has 25% of vitamin C requirement, 10% of vitamin A and B-6 needs, 8% of thiamine requirement, 4% of magnesium requirement, niacin and riboflavin 2% meets. Vitamin full structure strengthens your immunity, energizes, prevents you from getting sick while losing weight.

Calorie ruler of watermelon and other fruits

Instead of high calorie-like foods such as bananas, such as watermelon to eat low-calorie foods, for example, 3 times a week to eat watermelon instead of bananas, 13,728 calories per year, saving 2 pounds in a while saves you. 250 gr. the watermelon is 55 calories while the other calories are as follows;

    1. 30 calories from raspberries
    2. Pineapple 52 calories
    3. Pear 70 calories
    4. Avocado 167 calories
    5. Quince 63 calories
    6. Strawberry 26 calories
    7. 60 calories of apples
    8. Grapefruit 41 calories
    9. Figs dry 60 calories
    10. Fig fresh 40 calories
    11. 40 calories in
    12. Kiwi 35 calories
  • Limon 27 calories
  • Tangerine 50 calories
  • Banana 85 calories
  • Orange 50 calories
  • Peaches 38 calories
  • Grapes 67 calories


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