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Ways to Learn English with Simple Methods

The increase in coronavirus cases causes an increase in the time we spend at home. Therefore, we have a lot of free time. So how about using this free time to learn or improve English at home? In addition to its disadvantages, the curfews due to the coronavirus also have advantages. As we said before, the most important of these advantages is free time. You probably wanted to learn English many times and couldn’t find the right time because of the life rush. But now you have a good opportunity and you need to make use of it. For this reason, we have prepared simple methods you can do to learn English at home.

1. Study online

Learning English at home

The easiest thing you can do to learn English at home is to study online. You can ask for help from English teachers or acquaintances with really good English. It will probably be paid, but if you think you need a good foundation first, training from experts for a short time will help you improve quickly. You can also look at the Udemy platform, which provides online education for online education, by clicking this link.

2. Make the language of the technological devices you use in English

Learning English at home

Technology is in every aspect of our lives. For this reason, using technological devices such as smartphones and computers to learn English at home will make you progress. There are various ways to turn the time spent on smartphones and computers in our favor. The easiest way to do this is to change the language of the device to English. So you will learn unfamiliar English words to use your device and make them memorable.

3.Listen to English songs

Listen to music

Listening to English songs is the funniest and easiest thing you can do to learn English at home. When we listen to the songs we love, we memorize them involuntarily. For example, think about the music played in commercials, it never goes out of our minds even if we don’t want to. Of course we will listen to the English songs we love. This will have two benefits for us. The first is that we will learn new words, and the second is that we will hear how the words are pronounced.

4. Do not use Turkish subtitles while watching TV series or movies.

Learning English at home

We all love watching movies and TV shows. So why not turn this into an advantage for ourselves? If you have a certain level of English and understand most of what is spoken while watching movies with Turkish subtitles, do not use Turkish subtitles while watching movies and TV shows. This is one of the fun things you can do to learn English at home. However, it might discourage you to try this method before you’re ready, so take your time.

5.Keep an English journal

Learning English at home

This method appeals to those who want to improve their English rather than those who want to learn English at home. If you know enough English to describe what you do in a day, you can make a big improvement by keeping a journal or blogging. Definitely remember; Practice is essential to be good at any subject.

6. Learn new words every day: Stick post-it papers with new English words and meanings on the walls of your home rooms.


The simplest thing you can do to learn English at home is learning new words every day. To learn new English words, it will be useful to keep notes and repeat them constantly. You can do this by writing it down in a notebook, computer or smartphone. Or, you can write the words and their meanings you want to learn on post-it papers and stick them on the walls of the rooms in your home. If you say “If I stick those papers on the wall, my mom and dad will kill me”, you can stick the post-it papers to the cabinets and fridge in your room. 🙂

7.Chat in English with people you meet online

Learning English at home

The most effective way to improve your English is to speak constantly. For this reason, you can learn new words by making foreign friends and chatting with them on the internet and you can make the words you learn are catchy. Also, this is a great way to practice. Practicing and making new friends is like shooting two birds with one stone, right?

8.Read an English book, magazine or newspaper

Reading books

If you love to read, you can use this hobby to learn English at home. Try to read newspapers, books or magazines in English instead of Turkish. Write down the words you see for the first time and research their meanings. Then memorize these words. Even if you have trouble reading at first, if you repeat the cycle of “read, note, research and memorize”, you will start to read and understand better every day.

9.Listen to podcasts

Learning English at home

If you’re wondering what a podcast is, let’s briefly explain it. Podcast can be defined as a digital audio blog or audio series. While the podcast has a history of about 15-20 years, it has become popular over the past few years. Listening to English Podcasts will contribute a lot to your English learning. By listening to the podcast, you can learn new words as well as understand how words are pronounced. Also, it’s up to you to listen to the accent you want to learn. You can listen to British, American or Australian English.

10. Use mobile apps to improve English

Mobile apps

One of the most enjoyable things you can do to learn English at home is to use mobile apps. You can use mobile apps such as Duolingo that allow you to practice English for this. In addition, English content quizzes will also help you improve your English.

Also, if you want to see the best mobile apps of 2020: Best Mobile Apps of 2020

11. Definitely get a dictionary

Learning English at home

We think that anyone who wants to learn English at home should definitely get a dictionary. Because reading dictionaries is very useful in learning English. In some dictionaries, words are given with examples. This allows you to learn new things and improve.

12. Follow pages that share English content on social media.

Social media

We spend hours on social media every day and enjoy it. So how about learning English while looking at social media? Actually, it’s pretty easy. All you have to do is follow the pages that share English content that interest you and read their posts. So you can learn new words and phrases every day.

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