Ways to spend and save money If you put aside every penny. . .


Are you having trouble controlling your expenses? At the end of the month, are you struggling with a few pounds and a lot of credit card statements in your pocket?

Sorry, but you, like millions of people, have financial discipline problems! But do not be afraid, do not worry! It is possible to gain financial discipline with 1 method that helps you get out of this situation.

Write every spending you make into the penny! No rolling, no jumping. From tomato to shampoo; everything from dinner to a new shoe!

So what will the listing work for?

As the list gets longer, you will start to see the cost and money left in your pocket. This situation is just like counting calories. As the list gets longer, your appetite ceases, and the spending list gets longer, which will trigger the drive to curb your requests.

In this method, the aim is to question your spending decision-making skills.

Blogger Alyssa Davies, who worked on gaining financial discipline by writing, wrote her experiences at the end of 1 month. We’ve compiled Davies’ experience for you so that it can help your journey to gain financial discipline.

1- They came true when you wrote

As I wrote my expenses, I really started to feel that my money was gone. The statements that came at the end of each month had never created this feeling. As I wrote, I started questioning whether it is worth buying after a while. For example, spending $ 4.95 for a small glass of latte is getting ridiculous.

2- I started to feel guilty

The first 30 days I started writing experience for me was a month when I needed a lot of travel for the summer season. However, as the numbers entered the list, my feeling of guilt started to increase. When hotels saw the amount of spending for the planes, I started to search for cheaper and managed to plan travel $ 825 cheaper than the first list. I spent 500 dollars of the money I saved here in new clothes for the summer wardrobe. I enjoyed it. However, I felt guilty because I did not use the money I spent at the end of the business as an investment in my future.

3- 1 month is not enough

A 1-month writing experience can encourage you to think about your spending but not enough for a full financial discipline. If you really want to make a difference in your budget, you need to maintain this order for at least 6 months. Because some months we manage to spend less than other months, some months may increase spending. As a result, you have to apply financial discipline for a long time to get out with little damage.

4- Saving is essential

The best way to write spending helps you see which of your spending is returning and which are flying away. For me, it made me realize that I was spending money without fear on some items such as vacation, parking ticket, travel, clothing. With a little more attention and a list of needs, I understood that I could turn the money I spend in investments. For example, when I paid attention to a parking ticket, I set aside 43 dollars that I earned.

5- Is it worth it?

When someone gives me some advice about life, the first question that comes to mind is ‘is it worth the effort?’ It happens. You can also ask those of you who read the spending experience by writing the same thing. I say with sincerity: WORTH IT!

Get a nice notebook, find a cute pen and start checking your wallet’s needs!

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