Ways to win what you want to go

Is it not to know what to do to save in a relationship that has reached the end point, or to not want it?

Unfortunately it.


Is it a question of not knowing what to do at the last moment in friendship, dating, or marriage?

Essentially, abandonment becomes a drug during this period. CONFIDENCE.

This trust is not about loyalty. So “I will not deceive you” is not trust.

Confidence that it is apology, accepting its mistake, saying that it sees the demands, that it will take the problems seriously, will strive, and will take concrete steps related to the current problems… Because it is often the only problem of those who want to go is that they no longer trust you and the relationship.


Why should someone who thinks he will be broken again, feel sad, feel worthless?

Believe that they have lived in concrete terms for years or promises you have made to overcome the crisis?

Of course, with concrete events and concrete suffering, a few promises will not easily convince him.

He doesn’t trust you.

He doesn’t want to fall into skating again.

She wants to go while she’s gathered her ready strength.

In such a case also “I will do whatever you want”

Does an open-ended check, like , work?

The problem of those who want to go is not to do whatever they want?

He has been saying what he wants for years.


Either you do something about those requests,

Ya get away

Or you let it go.

But do not forget that you want to go, every time with promises to survive the crisis.


Hear the messages.

Feel the emotion.

Don’t wait until you get up to go to step in each time.

It is only the task for me to hear what you have to do when you are going to go … what you have to say when you get out of the door is often meaningless.

All you have to do is to bring the outgoing, keep the one who wants to go “is sincerity”

Otherwise, if you overcome the crisis and return to the factory setting after the crisis has passed, you will have nothing to do except to give bigger promises over time and to look after you desperately when you don’t do them either …

Serhat Foreign

Family – Marriage Counselor

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