We clarify a topic that is constantly highlighted in the discussions: Why Successful Cooks, Hairdressers and Fashionista Are Always Men?

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Undoubtedly, one of the favorite arguments of feminist opponents is that the ones who successfully do things like cooking, hairdressing in the world are generally men.

Poets men
Athletes men
Cooks men
Business people men
Fashioners men
Comedians men
all men were smarter women

When many jobs such as cooking, fashion, hair styling and ironing that are identified with women turn into professional professions, they fall under the monopoly of men.


Although the general tendency on this issue is to blame women, let’s examine the main reasons.

First of all, it is necessary to look at the professional history of these professions.


During the world wars, female chefs working with upper-class families had to quit their jobs. It was often soldiers, men, who made dishes under difficult conditions, such as the war environment.

Whereas women have been cooking at home for ages, this is one of their “duties” in the historical process.


It was unthinkable for men to stay away from these benefits when it became a professional, respected and of course money-making profession. It is not so difficult to understand why cook men do not usually cook at home.

When you are a little known in the food, beauty and fashion sectors, there is no one who does not know the money earned.


These sectors increase the appetite of many people in terms of turnover. Just as a new line of business, a new holiday destination is popular, all investors get cold there; It is a very professional situation for men to turn to these professions.

Where is the power, men are there. So why did women not take back these professions defined as their own?


It is also necessary to know a little history for this. There is no need to go before Christ, since it is forbidden for women to go on stage, you just need to know the men who act as women in theaters and operas and also perform their role. Stones are easily seated when she learns the story of the emergence of Women ‘s Day, how long women have been in business and politics.

Perceptions of hundreds and thousands of years cannot change in a few years.

For example, women are still less likely to find a good job in cooking. Because today, professional chef wants leadership, people management and stress resistance rather than cooking skills. As these features are attributed to men, women are automatically eliminated. Also, stereotyped and even ossified judgments are another obstacle to finding a job, such as preparing women late for men, putting on makeup and painting their nails.

What is happening at the moment, women who sew at the home with perfect stitches and have great hairstyles suddenly become “clumsy” on the street?

We stick to the incompetent stamp of women tailors, hairdressers, dry cleaners with a sexist approach, with or without awareness. However, the same women are very successful in making these works “free”. This is a perception created entirely by the male-dominated system. Of course, there are those who do their job very well and badly, just like men; however, the only reason for generalizations is sexism.

Other reasons that cause women not to find jobs in general are also valid.

The fact that women are getting pregnant stands out as one of the most important reasons why they cannot find a job. One of the fears of the employers is that a man comes out and prevents the woman from working (prevents her from working, dismisses, etc.).

Waiting for the order that has been going on for thousands of years to change in a century, is a very imaginative approach.

Just as if it is not fair to accuse a child of being out of the house until the age of 18 and then lagging behind from his peers; It is not right to wait for the woman imprisoned at home to change the order at once. Neither men want to compromise on the order they have maintained for thousands of years, nor women can easily give up the character they have acquired in this process. A little more time and effort is needed for this.

If we go back to the subject, the only reason that women’s affairs are dominated by men today is that the world is dominated by men.

Just as politicians, CEOs and company executives are mostly men; cooks, tailors and hairdressers are also men. In fact, there is no difference between them. The reason why people especially focus on these professions is that these works are considered worthless when they are made “free” by women in homes and important when they are done professionally by men.

Remember that the next feminism debate is that men are successful in doing some women’s affairs, and that advocates actually accept sexism without realizing it.

If you see a man tailor who sews, a man hairdresser with a bun and make-up, a man cook who cooks, it is not necessary to appreciate it when you see a female vatman, a female truck driver, a female body shop, a female pilot, and we will be glad if you meet normally.


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