Weight loss method with tomato juice! Curing recipe for regional slimming from Saracoglu

One of the most popular foods of the summer, tomatoes, when used in meals and salads, is one of the most excellent food sources because it is delicious and positively affects our health. The juice of the tomato, which offers the opportunity of easy diet by giving a feeling of satiety even when consumed alone, is also healing like itself! Professor Dr. We have explained the recipe of İbrahim Saraçoğlu’s tomato juice cure that helps with regional slimming for you. So how is tomato juice curing applied? Does drinking tomato juice weaken? Here’s the answer. . .

The saggy image that occurs in some parts of the body, although not in every region, is not aesthetically pleasing to the eye and may cause discomfort. Especially women who care more about their beauty and care can look for ways to have a perfect looking physique with various diet programs and exercises. While some women try to melt the hips that come from the sides when they wear pants, they try to shrink their belly, which some people cannot hide. Today, the method of weight loss, which we define as regional slimming, not only the body’s general weight, but also the fat burning of the diseased area, and ensures that only that area works. Thus, less tired and more effective results will be obtained. You can accelerate to get the look you want with the tomato juice cure recommended by experts for melting the fat in the belly and hips.



Here Professor Dr. Tomato juice recipe of İbrahim Saraçoğlu. . .

A tomato juice cure that anyone can apply except for those who are not allergic to tomatoes and who have reflux problems, is a diet that should be followed for 30 days. You can lose weight in a short time by consuming 1 glass of tomato juice every day in the afternoon. After 1 month, you have to pause 7 days and apply again for 1 month.



– Start the day by drinking a glass of lemon water.
– Apply Saraçoğlu’s cabbage-lemon-parsley cure.
– Avoid flour, salt and sugar.



In order to get rid of the fat in the belly and basins in a short time with tomato juice, care should be taken that the tomatoes to be consumed are seasonal. Tomato vegetable, which has a low calorie value, meets the amount of water needed by the body and does not feel hungry due to the acids in it.


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