What are 8 Natural Methods to Relieve Wax Pain?

Waxing is one of the worst nightmares of every woman because pulling hair from the roots is a very painful procedure. There are a few simple ways to minimize the pain experienced while waxing. As long as you follow these methods, you will have almost no pain while waxing.

I Want to Wax Without Pain What Should I Do?


Did you know that you can reduce your pain by using powder before waxing? The biggest reason for this is that the powder absorbs oil and moisture from the skin. In this case, the wax will adhere to the hair better and your waxing process will be easier and more painless.

Pain Relief Cream

Before waxing, if you numb the area to be waxed, you will feel less pain. For this, you can buy a suitable cream from pharmacies. Thanks to this cream, you will not feel the pain while waxing as that area of ​​your skin will be numb. Apply the pain reliever cream to the area where you will wax 1-2 hours before waxing. Since these creams will have an anesthetic effect, they numb the applied area and help you feel the least amount of pain in waxing. Before that, you can apply this cream to a small area on your arm and wait for 1-2 hours and try it to see if you have any allergies. As a result of this trial, if you do not experience problems such as swelling, itching and redness on your arm, you can use the cream on the desired area.

Pain killer

You can buy a suitable pain reliever from pharmacies and use it 30 minutes before waxing. Thanks to this method, the pain center in the brain is blocked instantly in the network, it becomes inoperative for a while and you experience less pain.

Powdered Sir Wax

If you choose the wax you use from the ones with powdered glaze wax, you will experience less pain. Because when this type of wax is done regularly, it strengthens the hair roots. Therefore, the hairs come out less and when they do, you can get them with less pain with wax. Remember that if you want it to be less painful, it is useful to pay attention to the type of wax you use.

Corn starch

You may feel less pain by sprinkling some cornstarch on the area to be waxed. Because cornstarch absorbs excess moisture and oil from the skin. In this case, the wax will only stick to the hairs, not the skin, and therefore the pain will be reduced.

Stretch Your Skin

It may be beneficial for you to stretch your skin while waxing. Because in this way, when you remove the wax, you will get the hairs with their roots without breaking them. In this case, you will suffer less.

Waxing Time

The time you wax also affects the rate of pain. For example, waxing close to your period will make you feel more pain. Therefore, it would be better for you to wax at a later date than your menstrual period.


Using ice while waxing will also help you suffer less. This is because ice with cooling properties has a numbing effect. Thanks to this widely preferred and natural method, applying ice to the area you are going to wax with before waxing will make you feel less pain.

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