What are Azelderm Users’ Reviews?

What Does Azelderm Cream Do?

“You can read reviews of Azelderm users in this article.”

Azalderm cream is a proven drug used in the treatment of blackheads, rosacea and acne. It quickly heals inflammation and acne caused by bacteria. As the bacteria named acne vulgaris die during the healing, a permanent effect is seen. In addition, it evens the skin tone in skin spots and regional darkening, and ensures a healthy regeneration of the skin.

Reviews of Azelderm Cream Users

  1. My dermatologist prescribed Azelderm cream and Clindoxyl gel for acne on my face 8 weeks ago. The effect really turned out to be more than I expected. It did not cause any dryness, flaking or redness problems on my skin. Before I go to sleep, I apply Clindoxyl one day and Azelderm the next. Of course, Azalderm causes a slight itching. I had blemishes on my skin and acne that had not subsided since I was 13. Since I started using Azalderm, my blemishes have lightened, and my acne has reduced to almost nothing.
  2. I had a treatment for my acne that lasted for three months. After the treatment, some spots remained on my face. My doctor, whom I trust very much, recommended Azalderm cream, I have been using it regularly for 3 months. I did not experience any itching or redness. Plus, I wake up with a glowing skin in the morning. Before I go to sleep, I clean my face with my skin cleanser and apply the cream on it. When I wake up, I clean my skin again. My newly formed acne dries back in 1 day. My spots have also visibly cleared up.
  3. In my experience, although the acid in its content causes itching when I first apply it, it prevents the formation of new acne when used regularly. My doctor suggested that I use Salsil gel and Azalderm cream together. Since my acne was not so intense that it would not cause a serious problem, I stopped applying Salsil gel in the following periods. I used Azalderm cream until it ran out. Also, it’s a very effective cream. I recommend using one-to-one for occasional pimples.
  4. With Azalderm, I left behind my acne problem, which has not gone away for a year. It burns a lot when I first apply it, but I’m very happy with the result. My dermatologist told me to use it with Sivex Erythretin 3 months ago. I can say that I have almost no acne left…
  5. I honestly don’t know what effect it has on active acne. I used Azalderm to get rid of my disgusting, purple-colored and never-ending scars after cystic acne treatment. I apply it before I go to sleep and every morning I witness that the scars are getting lighter. It is a very effective and useful cream in my opinion.
  6. I came across this cream after I left Ankara and went to Izmir to have a nose surgery. After the surgery, small stubborn pimples appeared on my cheeks and in front of my ears. When it didn’t go away, he started using Azalderm with the advice of a dermatologist friend of mine. Even though it was only 5 days, small fat masses, pimples and color differences decreased.
  7. I started Azalderm almost 1 year ago at the recommendation of a doctor. Since I can sleep on my back, I clean my skin well and apply it right before going to bed. However, if you cannot sleep comfortably in this way, I recommend applying it at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Otherwise, your bedding will absorb the cream instead of your skin. You may feel itchy the first time you apply it. But as your skin gets used to the cream, this feeling gradually decreases. Coming to the effect, I used it regularly for the roughness and oil buttons on my forehead. I am very satisfied with the result I got.
  8. I have been dealing with cystic acne problem for almost 6 months. My doctor recommended this cream for my scars left after golden needle treatment. I have finished two tubes so far and I am quite happy with the improvement in my skin. But I think Azalderm cream does not show much effect on active acne.
  9. I have been using Azalderm for almost 2 years from time to time. My skin doctor recommended it for my spots left after acne. Although it does not show a miraculous effect in one day, it gives definite results with regular use for 2 weeks. That’s why I always have a tube in my closet.

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