What are cervical cancer symptoms?

Cervical cancer What are the symptoms of cervix? What should be done to be protected? What are the main symptoms of uterine cancer? Who are in the risk group with you in our article…

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  • How to Understand Cervical Cancer?
  • What are cervical cancer symptoms?
  • What Are The Risk Factors For Cervical Cancer?
    • HPV Infection
    • Sexual Relationship Before the Age of 16
    • Finding Multiple Phase Sexual Spouses
    • Smoking
    • Irregular Nutrition
    • Birth Control Pill
  • What Should Be Done To Prevent Cervical Cancer?

How to Understand Cervical Cancer?

Understanding cervical cancer, whether the cancer findings occur in the person should be investigated and the findings should be followed. Uterine cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer in women are recorded as the most common cancer in the world.

Turkey in the incidence of cervical cancer ranks tenth terms are known as one type of cancer, and treatment of cutting solution has been found for the known reasons for formation of literally.

Cervical cancer vaccine is a good protection method. Whether or not you have had sexual experience is effective until the age of 43. After vaccination, you should definitely have a cancer screening test every year.


What are cervical cancer symptoms?

Findings of cervical cancer, if it is seen in people, it is necessary to apply to the hospital for emergency intervention. Diagnosed with early diagnosis uterine cancer treatment is known as the only cancer that responds positively.

Vaginal bleeding that occurs between menstrual periods and immediately after sexual intercourse, pain during sexual intercourse, fatigue, sudden weight loss and decreased appetite, vaginal disorders and scented discharge from the vagina, swelling in one leg, pain during urination.

blank Cervical Cancer Symptoms
  • Abnormal bleeding occurs in the person’s vagina after sexual intercourse
  • Irregular periods of the person is irregular
  • The person experiencing pain during sexual intercourse
  • Pain in the back and leg area, especially in the area of ​​the sexual organ.
  • Loss of appetite and therefore weight loss
  • feeling tired
  • Having vaginal discomfort and smelling discharge
  • Swelling in only one leg
  • Feeling pain when urinating

What Are The Risk Factors For Cervical Cancer?

Risk group for uterine cancer we have mentioned below, multiple pregnancy, low socioeconomic conditions, smoking and other reasons. Risk factors are:


HPV Infection

Having an HPV infection is a condition that increases the chances of a person getting cancer.

Sexual Relationship Before the Age of 16

The person’s first sexual experience before the age of 16, that is, at a very early age risk of cancer increases.

Finding Multiple Phase Sexual Spouses

Having more than one sexual partner increases the risk of cancer.


Too much cigarette consumption increases the risk of cancer.

Irregular Nutrition

The nutritional habits of the person increase the risk of unhealthy.

Birth Control Pill

More than 5 years when a person takes contraceptive regularly increases the risk.

What Should Be Done to Prevent Cervical Cancer?

Some of the things that can be done to protect against cervical cancer include:

  • HPV to have the vaccines developed against cancer-causing types
  • Being educated about the safe sexual intercourse preference
  • Paying attention to the diet

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