What are Hidden Diabetes Symptoms?

Hidden diabetes indicators have an important place in diagnosing this disease. Hidden sugar, which is seen as a preliminary stage of diabetes, is diagnosed early and you can get rid of diabetes.

blank What Are Hidden Diabetes Symptoms

What Are Hidden Diabetes Symptoms?

Hidden diabetes symptoms are;

  • Constant desire to eat dessert and sweet crises
  • Instant overweight gain
  • Sugar drop
  • Instant anger and anger
  • Seeing blur
  • Feeling tired and tired all the time
  • Getting into depression easily
  • Don’t force when getting up in the morning

Sugar Test

Hidden sugar to be able to diagnose the harvest diabetes test can be applied. If the fasting blood sugar is between 100mg / dl and 126 mg / dl as a result of the test, you may be a diabetes patient. However, in some cases, even if the sugar is below 100mg / dl, if the sugar measured in the second hour during the sugar loading test is between 140mg / dl and 200mg / dl, it is among the symptoms of you having a hidden diabetes. If hidden diabetes is not treated, it can turn into diabetes. Therefore, when secret sugar is diagnosed, it can be prevented to proceed by starting treatment immediately.


How Does the Secret Sugar Pass?

Regular sports for the treatment of hidden diabetes, hidden sugar type 2 diabetes is an important step to prevent conversion. Regular sleep, getting rid of excess weight, and regulating nutritional habits are among the methods of treating hidden sugar.

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