What Are Prunes Nutritional Value

How Many Calories Are Prunes Lose Weight or Weight?

Prunes are obtained by drying plums in the sun, oven, shade. Prunes are both very healthy and help to lose weight. Prunes are a great snack. It prevents you from getting hungry, keeps you full, balances blood sugar and plays an effective role in losing weight.

How Many Calories Is A Prune?

1 prune is 26 calories.

Dietitian Ayşegül Bahar’s statement on the subject is as follows;

“100 grams of prunes contain 240 calories. 100 grams of fresh plum contains 46 calories.”


Dietician Fazile Yılmaz gave the following information;

“There are about 70 calories in 3-4, that is, 1 serving of small prunes.”

Will Prunes Weaken?

According to a report published in the Daily Mail, prunes facilitate slimming. However, those who want to lose weight are not recommended to consume dried fruit. Because the sugar content of dried fruits is higher than that of fresh fruits. However, recent research has shown that this is not the case with prunes.

Prunes provide a feeling of satiety, aiding diet and allowing faster weight loss. This fruit, rich in fiber, suppresses hunger and reduces the desire to eat.

A study on the slimming benefits of prunes illustrates this point. Dr. Jo Harrold; ‘Yes, prunes contain sugar. But it is beneficial because it keeps you full and therefore we recommend it to be consumed by tolerating the sugar content. he said. However, it should be kept in mind that prunes can irritate the stomach. For this reason, it should be consumed in moderation.

What Are the Health Benefits of Prunes?

Prunes are a dietary fruit that you can always carry with you and will come to your rescue when you are hungry and prevent you from eating high-calorie foods. You can control the feeling of hunger by consuming prunes in snacks. Another aspect among the benefits of prunes is that it keeps blood sugar in balance.

  1. Prunes are effective in preventing asthma, shortness of breath and heart ailments.
  2. As a source of vitamins and energy stores, prunes are also rich in beta carotene, one of the most powerful antioxidants. With these features, it prevents free radicals from damaging the circulatory system and heart.
  3. Prunes, which have vitamins B1 and B2, also contribute to the health of the nervous system.
  4. It is healing for anemia , rheumatism, blood pressure and liver ailments.
  5. Contains plenty of vitamins A, B and E. It regulates the intestines and makes the metabolism work better.
  6. Prunes are literally a treasure trove of fiber. With the fibers in its content, it activates the intestines and removes harmful substances.
  7. Prunes contain minerals such as magnesium, zinc and potassium. Prunes should also be consumed for adequate intake of these minerals.
  8. Containing vitamins A, B and E as well as vitamin D, prunes help to meet the vitamin D needs.
  9. Prunes delay the signs of aging, according to a study conducted at Boston-Tufts University.
  10. This fruit, which is protective against premature aging, is also very useful in preventing cancer.
  11. The content of dried plums consists of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 at a high rate. Vitamins A, C and E are also abundant in prunes.
  12. The magnesium and potassium content of prunes are also concentrated. For this reason, it is recommended that those on a salt-free diet and patients with rheumatism, kidney, heart, liver, blood pressure regularly eat dried plum .
  13. It treats constipation with the natural fibers it contains. For this, 1 handful of prunes are put in water overnight and consumed on an empty stomach the next day in the morning.
  14. Prunes are the leading fruits that contain the most B vitamins. In this respect, prunes strengthen memory and nervous system.

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