What are the baby boy and girl names in the Quran? The most beautiful baby names and their meanings

If you are indecisive about naming your new born baby, we have put together the names of the most beautiful girls and boys for you. Check out our news to read the nice meaningful names you can give to your baby, inspired by the names mentioned in some surahs in the Quran! Here are the names of boys and girls mentioned in the Quran and their meanings. . .

Of the Prophet (SAW) “You will be called with your own names and the names of your fathers on the Day of Resurrection. If so, beautify your names. “ ( Abu David, Kitabu’l Edeb, Hadith No: 4948) As stated in the hadith sheriff, it is very important to give beautiful names to the newborn baby. So much so that Hz. In Aisha (r. A), “The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) changed the ugly names.” he has commanded. It can be decided to give a different name as the birth approachs when the people who are going to be mothers and fathers appear in their minds when they receive the good news, even if they are girls and if they are boys, they can give up their names. We know that especially conservative families put the names in the Quran in terms of their suitability to our religion. However, every name or even every word mentioned in the verses of the Quran may not be beautiful. For example, in the Qur’an ‘Aleyna’

The word , meaning Bela evokes. Nowadays it is now known to almost everyone Kezban ‘ name also ‘False’ is not recommended because it means. So which of the names mentioned in the Quran can be considered suitable for babies? Here are verse verse baby names. . .




ASEL / MUHAMMED TIME: Honey in heaven


AHSEN / TIN DURATION: The most beautiful, very beautiful.
Ahsen-i calendar: The most beautiful shape.


RECEPTION / BAKARA TIME: To have knowledge.

Other girl names mentioned in the Quran:

Firdevs: One of the highest degrees of Paradise.
Kevser: A river or pool in paradise.
Merve: The name of the mountain in Mecca. (Safa and Merve)
Mary: Abid, worshiper.
Şevval: Bright and strong.



EYÜP / ENAM PERIOD: Patience is the epitome of patience, who is patient to trouble and trouble.



YUSUF / YUSUF DURATION: Handsome, beautiful.


DAVUD / VEGETABLE TIME: Nice voice with order.

Other male names mentioned in the Quran:

Furkan: Separating right and western, showing the difference between good and bad and right and wrong.
Halis: Pure, clean and friendly.
Abraham: Father of the believers.
Ihsan forgiveness.
Ismail: Hearing Allah: His prayer is accepted.
Isaac: laugh



Zeynep: Precious stones, jewels.

Ebrar: He is a straightforward person who collects all the good things in them, has a solid trust.

Yusuf: Howling, oh eden.

Elif: The first letter of the Arabic alphabet.

Ayman: More auspicious, very fortunate, auspicious, happy birthday.

Bay: A fragrant, green summer-winter plant.

Omar: Dirlik, vitality life force.

hiranur: Hz. The mountain in Saudi Arabia, where prophecy was given to Muhammad (Sav). It also means seeking.

Order: 1- A tribe, the head of a city. 2- A person belonging to a great dynasty. 3- The descendant of our Prophet. 4- Commander

September: One of the fall months is the ninth month of the year.

Miraç: No worries, no worries.

Mustafa: 1- Cleaned, chosen, distinguished. 2- Hz. One of the names of the Prophet.

Miray: Born in the first months of the year.

Ahmet: It is commendable.

Zehra: White and bright face.

Ömer Asaf: Omar: Dirlik, vitality life force. Asaf: Vizier.

Ecrin: means the gift of Allah.

Azra: Untouched.

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