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What are the Beard Remover Herbal Methods?

What are the Beard Remover Herbal Methods?

Experts report that the most important factor in the emergence of beard is genetic and hormones. If you don’t have a beard, or if you are sparse, you should first go to the endocrinology or urology department in any hospital and take a testosterone test. If your testosterone hormone doesn’t work properly, you should be treated with hormones for your beard to come off. If there is no problem in the hormones or if you are not genetically suffering, you can use the herbal recipes that we will let you know and make your beard come out.

1. description for natural methods of beard remover

Ayurveda is a traditional medicine that originated in India and has its origins dating back thousands of years. According to Melanie A. Sachs, author of the book “Ayurveda Beauty Care,” Ayurveda medical and beauty practitioners use a mixture of rosemary oil and coconut oil to increase hair in their hair and face, beard and mustache areas.

  1. 1 unit of organic rosemary oil
  2. 10 units of coconut oil

Mix these oils in 1 to 10 ways (eg 1 teaspoon of rosemary oil and 10 teaspoons of coconut oil). Soak the cotton mixture in the oil and rub it in your beard area and keep it on your face for 15-20 minutes. Wash your face when the time is up. If the rosemary essential oil does not irritate your skin, just use water, you do not need to wash your face with soap. Continue this practice twice a day.

2. description for natural methods of beard stretcher

Author Melanie sachs reports that the la Ayurveda Beauty Care, sak is one of the most effective methods (Leave empty)to remove the beard in the(Leave empty) mix of amla oil and the mustard leaf. His description is as follows;

  1. Amla oil
  2. Mustard oil

4 tablespoons of amla oil and 3 tablespoons of mustard leaves pass through the blender. Take this mixture to your beard area and leave it on your face for 20 min. Wash your face when the time is up. You can continue this practice every day as long as it does not irritate your skin. The prepared mixture can remain intact in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

3. Recipe for beard rooting

“The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies,” the author of her book expert Vasant Lad reports that lemon juice and cinnamon powder are effective at lengthening hairs on the face, such as a mustache and a beard.

  1. Lime juice
  2. Cinnamon sticks

2 tablespoons of fresh squeezed lime juice and 1 teaspoon of powdered tarra mix. Take your beard out where you want it to stand, wait 25-30 minutes, and rinse with water. You can use the moisturizer after application to let your lemon dry your skin. As long as the mixture does not irritate your skin, continue to apply twice a day.

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