What are the benefits of bay leaf? What does bay leaf tea do? Bay and lemon mix

Bay leaf, which has a very strong anti-inflammatory effect, has incredible benefits to skin health, as everyone knows. In addition, when the leaf is boiled and consumed, it benefits many diseases from dry cough to constipation. We searched for those who are curious about bay leaf, also known as Mediterranean bay. So what are the benefits of Laurel leaf? What does bay leaf tea do?

Mediterranean laurel, which grows peculiar to the Mediterranean climate, has a unique smell of the tree species. The leaves of the tree are used in alternative medicine has the largest share in Turkey’s exports. The lower part of the trunk of the tree is gray and the upper parts are green. Fragrance spreads around the leaf parts. The biggest enemy of these leaves is a type of insect called aphid. In our country, bay leaf is dried and used in meals and sherbet productions. Bay leaf paste, which gives a different taste, is also preferred in making tomato paste. Bay leaf, which is also grown at home as an ornamental plant, is very sensitive to cold weather. Due to the volatile nature of the fatty ingredients, it is among the healthy oils used in meals. Bay leaf has antioxidant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant properties. It is a raw material in personal care products such as bay leaf, cream, soap and shampoo used especially in the cosmetics industry. In ancient Greece, it is seen as an immortal elixir as it remains green both in summer and winter. So it was used in everything. It belongs to the laurel which is referred to as “Lauracase” in the scientific literature. There are three types of these leaves that grow on the evergreen tree. Azores is known as the leaves of the Mediterranean and Canary Islands. However, the most common Mediterranean leaves are used.



Other bay leaves that grow outside the Mediterranean climate can be poisonous. Therefore, bay leaves are the most recommended by experts in the Mediterranean region. In the studies carried out, in the years before the ice age, bay leaf existed in almost all African and Mediterranean basins. However, it was limited to coastal areas with its ice age and changing soil structure. Due to the eugenol extract it contains in the region where the bay leaves grow, it has a very pleasant smell. This essence is extracted especially as an essential oil and used in the cosmetics industry.



It was revealed in the Egyptian inscriptions that the bay leaf was discovered and used in many areas for centuries. In addition to being used in meals due to both sweetening and fragrance, it has been added as a raw material especially for cosmetic products thanks to its antiseptics. It is said that the beauty of Egyptian women owed this leaf. Thanks to this name, bay leaf attracted the attention of Ottoman women. Bay leaf, which cleans the skin surface and is known to show more brightly, has also been shown to benefit some diseases in terms of health.



The most ideal brewing form of bay leaves, which is a very powerful anti-inflammatory, is to add and keep the leaves in hot water. Put 3 bay leaves in boiling water and let it steep for 5 minutes. Be sure to pick up bay leaves from a transplant you trust. Otherwise, you will not see an effect. Strain the tea infused for 5 minutes and drain it. To remove edema from the body, add a tablespoon of lemon juice and consume it. This tea instantly cuts dry cough. It provides cleaning of the lungs damaged by smoking. It enhances the functions of the liver. Also, since bay leaf tea replenishes nerve cells, it increases motivation by relieving fatigue.



Bay leaf is consumed by making tea for diseases of upper respiratory tract. Bay leaf, which has a high analgesic feature, reduces cells that cause throat infection. It cleans the throats with its expectorant effect. Put 2 bay leaves in a glass of water and boil for 5 minutes. After waiting for 1 minute, filter and add a teaspoon of honey and consume it.

Throw 10 bay leaves in 5 glasses of water and boil them during high ignitions. Then immerse a piece of clean cloth in the cooling water into this water and put it on your chest, nape or forehead, change it every half an hour.


Bay leaves are also very effective in reducing stones formed in kidneys from food waste. Put 4 leaves of laurel in boiling water and boil. Consume once a day. This tea, which is consumed every day, allows the stones to melt and exit from the bladder over time.

Grind 10 bay leaves into powder. Then add half a cup of hot water to this powder and mix. Apply this mixture to your hair follicles and wait for an hour. The mixture that nourishes the hair follicles heals deformed cells. If there is dandruff in the hair for months, it will be finished in a short time.


It purifies the body from free radicals thanks to its high antioxidant. It strengthens the immune system. It acts as a shield in the body against diseases.

Folic acid is the sine qua non of the body. Folic acid, which the body needs daily, helps regenerate the cells. It is a substance that should be taken especially during pregnancy. This substance is effective in bone development. 100 grams of bay leaf meets the daily need of folic acid.


For digestive problems such as heartburn after meals, mix 2 grams of bay leaf with half a glass of water. Add ginger in powder form and boil. Strain and consume after 5 minutes. It is beneficial for people who experience digestive problems to consume twice a day.

Bay leaf, which is effective in lowering glucose and cholesterol levels, can consume both diabetics and cardiovascular patients. Boil 5 bay leaves in a glass of water. Drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.


No side effects of bay leaf were found in the studies. However, like the excess of everything, especially bay leaf tea should not be consumed very often. Also, bay leaf tea should be made according to the recipe.


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