What are the benefits of bonito fish and what is it good for? Which fish should be consumed how?

Did you know that bonito fish, which started to be kept in August, has incredible benefits for human health? Acorn, which grows in warm seas, is one of the major fish species. In terms of omega-3 fatty acid, it is the richest fish that comes after the Salmon type. So what are the benefits of bonito fish and what is it good for? Which fish should be consumed how? We searched the unknown about the most preferred type of bonito for you.

Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids make a positive contribution to human health. After the hunting ban, which started with the first day of autumn, the fishermen sailing to the sea begin to fill the benches in a short time. Fish consumed until mid-February provides many substances that the body does not produce spontaneously. Preferred to be consumed most after fish anchovy and salmon, bonito contributes to skin health. Bonito fish; acorn worm, gypsy acorn, bonito, chestnut, acorn, toric, pointed toe and bastard. It contains phosphorus, sulfur, vanadium substances. It is also very rich in protein and vitamin D.



It prevents hair loss and loss by strengthening the hair follicles.

Supports making the skin appear brighter and more vivid.

When consumed regularly, it strengthens the tooth and bone structure and prevents any deformation.

Thanks to the potassium it contains, it regulates cholesterol. It reduces blood pressure.

Prevents visual disturbances by enriching the cells in the yellow spot in the eye.

It makes nerve cells healthier. It increases the strength of the memory part of the brain.

It prevents cancer diseases by healing cells that tend to mutate in the digestive system.




You should pay attention to whether the sea bream is fresh. Spill out quickly means that the fish are stale. Since these fish are high in fat, it is healthier to cook on the grill with low fever or in the oven with low temperature. Thus, since the fat rate of the fish frying in their own oil decreases, it can also be included in the diet list of those who lose weight.



Anchovy, one of the most preferred fish varieties, is the main ingredient in many dishes of the Black Sea cuisine. If the color of red is in the lower part of the head, these fish should definitely not be consumed. Fresh large and 9 cm Anchovy is steamed or fried on low heat.



Experts emphasize that mackerel fish should not be eaten outside of December and January. Because this type of fish deteriorates quickly after leaving the sea. You can consume mackerel with salting brine and grill, pan and bake.



Another most preferred fish species is bluefish. It is more beneficial to consume it in a frying pan, low and fatty like anchovy in bluefish.


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