What are the benefits of boza and saleb?


Boza and salebin, which are the drinks that come to mind when winter is mentioned and warms ourselves in cold weather, have incredible benefits for the body. It has many benefits from strengthening the immune system, cutting cough, strengthening bones and preventing cancer. Here are the benefits of boza and saleb that you have not heard before!


Strengthens the immune system

It is a miraculous drink in strengthening the immune system. It helps the body to fight infectious diseases in winter. It is perfect for treating cough and sore throats.

Indigestion resolves

It prevents stomach aches and heartburn, especially after meals. It is good for indigestion. Therefore, consuming at night makes it easier for us to get the benefits.

Prevents cancer formation

Boza creates a prebiotic effect thanks to the milk it contains and prevents the formation of carcinogenic cells in the body. It strengthens the muscle and bone structure with its high calcium content.

Provides detoxification

Since they contain drinks that contain plenty of acid, boza and salep provide toxins are easily removed from the body. It helps cleanse the intestines from toxins. They show a detox effect in the body.

Happiness hormone secretes

It renews the cells in the nervous system and enables the activation of happiness hormones in the body. It helps to eliminate stress and depression.


The boza and salep energy consumed during the day will be high and provide a comfortable sleep at night.


Remedy for cough!

It affects the removal of cough caused by infectious diseases, which increases its effect in the winter months. It relaxes the chest and throat.

Good for constipation

It facilitates digestion. It facilitates defecation especially by decreasing the problem of constipation. It helps increase the beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Strengthens memory

With its structure that regulates blood flow, it improves both heartbeat and brain functions. It prevents problems such as forgetfulness by eliminating the problem of concentration. It also protects against patients by controlling body temperature, strengthening immunity.

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