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What are the benefits of celery? What happens if you eat celery for a week?

What are the benefits of celery? What happens if you eat celery for a week?

Celery, whose production and consumption dates back centuries, has even been the subject of epics in terms of its health benefits. Thanks to its high liquid content, it meets 25 percent of the body’s daily liquid content. What are the benefits of celery? What happens if you eat celery for a week? We have investigated the answers to all these questions for you. In the detail of the news you can find unknowns of celery.

Celery is a vegetable whose roots and leaves can be consumed as a whole. Thanks to the vitamins, minerals and herbal foods it contains, it has many health benefits. Experts emphasize that when we consume this vegetable for a week regularly, which does not lose its properties even when boiled, it prevents future health problems . Celery is a food belonging to the parsley family. Celery, which can be consumed for two years, has spread all over the world from Europe. In the Greek epic Iliad, celery and its benefits are mentioned. It was also used in food and medicine as the epic information. Celery is a vegetable that is widely consumed with olive oil, stuffed, boiled vegetables, salad or soup. Experts say celery leaves and stems contain substances that strengthen the stomach wall. Celery is also recommended to be consumed during the winter months, there is plenty of liquid. This fluid ratio is effective in meeting the water consumed in the body in winter. The leaves are dried in a sunless and airy place and crushed in the mortar to make powder and some foods are used as spices. The seeds can be dried and pulverized and used in place of table salt.

Kereviz sapı


Celery, which is an ideal vegetable for people starting a diet, is also an energy store. Therefore, it provides enough energy to the body when consumed continuously.

People who complain of heartburn, boiling celery every night before bed is useful to drink. Thus, by balancing the rate of acid formed in the stomach; reduces problems such as burning and souring.

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It is one of the best natural methods to fight inflammation. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it protects areas of the body that have collected or are likely to collect edema. It provides the discharge of inflammation from the body through urine.

90 percent of the water is a vegetable that often resolves the body’s fluid loss problem. It heals deformed areas of the skin thanks to the liquid it contains.

Kerevizin faydaları

High blood pressure, which has become one of the modern age diseases, occurs in almost one in three people in the society. Sudden high blood pressure can even result in death. Celery is one of the natural ways to prevent this situation. Thanks to the minerals it contains, it balances the substances that decrease or increase in the blood.

Celery, a powerful antioxidant, helps remove the harmful bacteria that need to be cleansed from the liver by accumulating and deforming.

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Thanks to the liquid content it contains, it supports the healthy functioning of the upper glands of the kidneys and prevents the formation of stones and sand.

If people with stones and sand regularly consume these serious situations in a short time to get rid of the body provides.

Reduces the risk of serious health problems in the mouth when celery stalk is consumed by chewing.

How to prepare celery juice?

Discard sliced ​​celery pieces into boiling water. Once the celery is soft, remove it from the stove. Filter the water and consume warm. You can squeeze some lemon to reduce the bitter taste.



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