What are the benefits of clay mask to hair? How is clay applied to hair?

For women who complain about the dryness and loss of their hair, clay masks have been recommended in recent years. Clay, which has incredible benefits when used regularly, virtually eliminates many problems from hair loss to eczema. So what are the other benefits of clay to hair? How is clay applied to hair? If you are curious about the answer to these questions, you should definitely take a look at the details of our news.

Clay is a material abundant in nature. But it is quite difficult to find pure clay. Limestone, silica, mica, iron oxide minerals are mostly found in clay. There are 4 main groups of clays such as illite, kaolinite, montmorillonite and other clays. Generally, grained material smaller than 0.002 mm is called clay. Did you know that clay, which has been on the agenda for centuries with its benefits to the body, is also beneficial for hair? According to the researches, clay hopes for different problems by dealing with hair questions. This news, which will delight women who are fond of beauty, will be the favorite of those who care with natural products.

You should make room in your closet for miracle plants that come from nature instead of chemical ways to lengthen your hair or prevent hair problems. While chemicals prevent problems, they can also damage skin tissue and even cause skin cancer problems.



When the clay mask is applied regularly, it absorbs sebum in the hair and prevents dandruff formation.

Thanks to the vitamins and minerals in the clay, it nourishes the hair diperline and provides hair to grow faster.

You can easily remove the dryness of the hair follicles caused by the wrong care or the chemical shampoos used thanks to the kail mask. Clay helps maintain oil balance by moisturizing the hair.

Clay nourishes hair roots and strengthens them from bottom to tip. In this way, it also prevents hair loss.

Thanks to the potassium, sodium and aluminum it contains, clay makes hair look healthy.


Eliminates the solid and disconnected appearance of long-processed, worn and dyed hair over time.

Since it has the ability to absorb the clay too much, it provides your hair to be thoroughly cleaned without feeling dry or moisture lost. If you have curly hair type or your hair is mixed hair type, clay is one of the best materials to make your hair softer and silky.

Another important benefit of clay for hair is to effectively and thoroughly clean the dirt that sticks to the hair and covers the skin. It cleans your hair and makes it look naturally silky and shiny.




1 cup apple cider vinegar
2 tablespoons of bentonite clay
Half a glass of water


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl until you get a homogeneous consistency. Then apply the mask to the ends of your newly washed hair and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then you can wash your hair.

That’s it!

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