What are the benefits of goose meat? What does goose oil do and does it do?

Did you know that high protein goose, meat and oil have incredible benefits for human health? We have compiled for you those who are curious about the goose that strengthens the body against diseases that renew. So what are the benefits of goose meat? What does goose oil do and does it do? You can find everything about the accident in the details of the news.

The goose, which belongs to the duck family, is larger than the duck. The male and female are the same size and width. Although they belong to the duck family, they do not feed like them. It is common in the Eastern Anatolia Region. It is the useful fat that they accumulate in their bodies according to the climatic conditions that make the meat of these animals that love cold weather delicious. Some of the grass-fed geese also consume animals such as soft insects and worms. Their beak is very strong. This is the first weapon they use against their enemies. The second is its wings. In angry moments, the fluff on their necks fluffs and sounds like horn sounds. The geese, who usually nest around the lake, lay eggs here, and hatch the eggs after two months. Since they contain high amounts of protein, even 50 grams strengthens the body. Fat rate is high. However, its oil is very useful. When cooked in the region, no additional oil is used. The flavor of goose meat is in its own oil. It is a strong pulp that meets the body’s vitamin A alone.



Heals the deformed cells of the body. It increases the number of young cells by increasing new cell tissues. In addition, the protein it contains balances the amount of oxygen in the body.

Goose meat, rich in unsaturated fat, provides low cholesterol. Cholesterol, which reaches the desired level, prevents vascular and heart diseases.

Vitamin e, selenium and zinc it contains rejuvenates the skin cells by delaying aging.

Vitamin B complex is needed for the performance of the body organs. Goose meat is very rich in B vitamins.

Because it is a calcium store, it strengthens bone and dental health.



It is found in the skirt and neck of geese. It contains vitamins A, D, E and K. It is also very rich in essential fatty acids. This fatty acid both protects the vitamin values ​​in the body and increases their number. Goose oil with low saturated fat content has many benefits. It is consumed after snow to benefit from the fat of this animal, which is frequently consumed in Kars region. The reason for this is that the oil rates increase during the snow and thus become more delicious.

Thanks to the essential substance that strengthens immunity, it is consumed in winter and increases the body’s resistance to diseases.

Since it does not contain unsaturated fatty acids, it reduces cholesterol and protects cardiovascular health.


Suggests that pregnant women and children consume goose oil, which positively affects growth. It contributes to bone development and accelerates the treatment during bone fracture or injury as well as bone problems experienced in older ages.

Being a complete energy source, goose oil reduces the health problems such as stress and depression. In addition, it is among the oils recommended by dietitians since it is low in calories.

Reduces both the cough and the severity of the disease when applying a thin layer of goose oil on the sole of the foot during respiratory diseases. This method was used frequently in ancient times.


When applied to the areas of the body cracking due to heel crack or cold, it renews the skin layer here. It provides the destruction of dead cells.

Mix the onion which is strong in antioxidant and onion oil with goose oil and apply it to the throat and chest. Spread a towel that you have heated on it. This method will help you remove all the inflammation in the chest from the body as sputum.

You can use this oil in all your meals. Highly beneficial for fireproof health like sunflower oil at high temperatures.

Experts recommend daily oil to be consumed by men 100 grams and women by 76 grams.

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