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What are the benefits of goose oil, what does goose oil?

What are the benefits of goose oil, what does goose oil?

Goose oil is healthier than other animal fats as well as delicious. Heart-friendly monounsaturated fats with rich extracts help lower blood cholesterol. Goose oil is cut from the geese, neck, skirt is obtained from the oil inside. It strengthens immunity and protects the person from the cold by consuming especially in winter with its high energy structure.

Goose oil is an important part of a balanced nutrition program. It contains essential fatty acids which play an important role in maintaining the body functions with A, D, E and K which are fat soluble vitamins which are necessary for growth and development.

To get rid of respiratory distress and cough, go to your chest and foot base 2-3 times a day as a thin layer of goose oil. Using goose oil is one of the oldest known healing methods.

Goose oil has a cracked skin softening effect and is very useful for protecting the skin against cold. For protection from cold, you can apply it to the skin as a thick layer.

You can also use goose oil onions for cough. Grate the onion, mix with the goose oil. Heat a cloth with a little iron, put it on the oil.

Like all oils, goose oil is also a good source of energy; There are 9 Kcal calories in 1 gram oil. Nutritionists recommend one-third of our daily diet consists of fats. The daily amount of fat for women is 76 grams and for men 100 gr.

Although animal fats are generally considered to be bad fats, goose oil is an exception to this and contains less saturated fat than butter. 100 gram goose oil 32.7 gr. while the same amount of butter contains 54 g of saturated fat. When saturated fats are consumed in large quantities, it increases bad cholesterol, creating risk factors for heart disease, obesity and cancer. Goose oil is healthier because it contains less saturated fat than butter.

100 gr. goose oil contains 55 grams of monounsaturated fats from heart-friendly oils. In butter, there are 19.8 g monounsaturated fat. The polyunsaturated fat in goose oil is 10.8 and in butter it is 2.6.

Goose oil can also reduce cholesterol levels with its rich structure in Oleic acid C18.1. Kaz Oil is stronger than other animal oils with an average 58% oleic acid content.

The goose oil does not burn even at high temperatures and does not harm health.

Kaz oil, French fries, fried oil, edible oil can be used for purposes such as.

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