What are the benefits of making a pouch to the face? How to use?

If you want to remove dead skin on your skin but also to remove problems on your skin, you can apply a pouch once a week. The pouch applied to the skin eliminates many other skin problems, not only to purify dead skin. So what are the benefits of applying the pouch and how should the pouch be applied to the skin? You can review our news to find out.

Although the pouch that has been applied to the body for centuries is thought to purify only dirt, it has positive effects on both the skin and the body. Making a pouch to the body, which sweats after a hot bath, facilitates blood circulation in the body, giving people comfort. According to the research done by experts, applying pouch regularly prevents opening of black spots by opening the pores. The pouch application, which can give hope to those who spend billions of money for both acne and acne problems, is among the products used by people living in the past years. How is the pouch applied? What are the other benefits of pouch application to the skin? So which pouch to use? Here is the answer to the curious questions. . .


Regularly applied pouch eliminates the acne formation and balances the excess oil in the skin. It reduces the rate of removal of pimples along with the balanced oil.

When you apply a pouch to your skin by massaging, the blood circulation also accelerates and helps to reproduce and renew in your cells.

The pouch application, which also has a cellulite removal effect, will allow your body to breathe easily by opening the pores.

The pouch that removes dead skin always makes it look fresh, vibrant and shiny.


How often should the sac be made? HOW IS KESE APPLIED?

There are a variety of pouches in the world of cosmetics. However, if the structure of your skin is sensitive, silk pouches should be used, and at the same time, it should be done without pressing too much. You can apply it once or twice a week according to your problems on your skin.

Set the water at the temperature you can withstand in your bathroom and wash it well with soap. Then rinse and apply a pouch to your skin, which softens well with the effect of hot water. After applying the pouch, clean and rinse your body with soap again.

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