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What are the benefits of olive? What is the use of swallowing olive seeds? How is olive leaf consumed?

What are the benefits of olive? What is the use of swallowing olive seeds? How is olive leaf consumed?

Olive, which is the indispensable food of our breakfast tables, provides incredible benefits to human health from oil to seed to leaf. We have compiled for you all those who are curious about the olive that the Prophet (saas) recommended to be consumed. What are the benefits of olive? What is the use of swallowing olive seeds? How is olive leaf consumed? You can find everything about olives in detail.

Olive, which has two varieties, both green and black, is one of the calcium rich foods. It also contains plenty of vitamins A, D, E and K. In this regard, experts say that eating five olives per day meets 55 percent of the body’s iron needs. The olive used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries prevents the development of many diseases from jaundice to cancer. In addition to olive obtained from olive trees that can survive for 2000 years, the bark and leaves of the tree are also very useful. Its immature state is green and the color is black as it stays in the sun. for centuries, women both for skin beautyconsumes olives for their health. Olive was an important nutrient for people in old years because it gave energy. The reason is that there was no drug or technological care in those years and people were protected from diseases by consuming the most powerful antioxidant foods found in nature. Olive is one of these foods.

Black olive

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF OLIVE? What happens if you eat 5 olives per day?

Thanks to the polyphenols it contains, it reduces the oxidative stress rate in the brain and protects the nerve cells. Thus, 5 olives consumed per day helps to strengthen the memory.

Due to the high iron content, it prevents anemia. The olive which reduces cholesterol prevents vein occlusion and heart diseases. 

Helps to reduce swelling and gas stuck after meals.

benefits of olives

It increases the body’s resistance to cancerous cells by increasing the number of healthy cells in the immune system.

Helps blood to clot by balancing the proportions of platelet cells decreasing due to nutrients. 

Also rich in antioxidants, olive prevents the formation of fatty glands in the liver. Also rich in vitamin E, this nutrient makes the skin look brighter and radiant. It is said that Ottoman sultans owed their legendary beauties to olives. It supports not only the skin but also the health of the hair. In particular, dandruff and reduce dull conditions such as provides. 

what is good for olives

– You can reduce your appetite by eating 5 olives before meals. Unsaturated fats in olives transfer the feeling of saturation to the brain. Thus, the body does not need to consume more food than it feels saturated. People who want to lose weight can try this method.

– It is effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids and prevents softening of the hemorrhoids and causing pain or bleeding. As it is a good painkiller, it also reduces the risk of bone and joint pain.

Olive Leaves


Leaves are consumed by drying. Usually made tea. In some places, water prepared from the leaves is added to the dishes. Boil the dried 10 olive leaves in 2 cups of water. You can consume after brewing. In ancient times it was used to disinfect wounds from this water because it has healing properties. You can also evaluate the water prepared from olive leaves with antibacterial properties as a tonic for skin cleansing. In winter, the risk of upper respiratory diseases can be reduced with water prepared from these leaves. 

Olive seeds


In the researches, it was observed that olives as well as olives were beneficial. The olive kernel, which can be swallowed as a whole, has many contributions to human health.

Olive seeds, which are said to be good for diseases such as heartburn and ulcers after meals, accelerate the cleansing of the constituent thanks to the omega 3 wet acids and solvent acids it contains.

Olive oil seed provides one to one benefit for constipation problem. However, it is emphasized by experts that it is more effective when powdered and consumed olive seeds. 

olive seeds

Acceleration of the digestive system is among the benefits of olive seeds. It supports the health of the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach and intestines especially in the digestive system.

Experts emphasize that the risk of breech diseases such as hemorrhoids is reduced in people who swallow olive seeds.

Olive is contained in the olive kernel twice the anti-bacterial effect. Experts, especially the effect of viruses that cause tumors can be reduced thanks to olive seeds. However, since it is not a definitive result, it is useful to consult a specialist.

NOTE: Always consult a specialist before applying.



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