What are the benefits of passion fruit? How is passion fruit consumed?

Passionflower, which is a tropical fruit, has just begun to be consumed in our country. This exotic species, another name of passion fruit, is a strong source of vitamins and minerals. This fruit, which has incredible benefits to human health, blooms in summer. Fruits are collected towards autumn. So what are the benefits of passion fruit? How is passion fruit consumed? We have researched the curiosity about passionfruit for you. In the details of the news, you can find everything about the pinwheel.

Passiflora fruit, also known as clock flower, is called passiflora in the scientific literature. Passion fruit with round or lowland shapes; available in colors like yellow, red, purple and green. There are many seed kernels in the passion fruit content, which is high in liquid. It can also be consumed as a juice. Carbohydrate, carotene, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, fiber, protein and vitamin C are found in high amounts. Concentrated with 68 calories per 100 grams, this fruit is especially ideal for kidney diseases, since the amount of liquid is high. Apart from the seeds inside, where the fruit is consumed as a juice, the meat part can also be eaten. Since it is a tropical fruit, it does not grow very often in our country, but some regions have special growing areas. The sweet passionflower origin is South Africa. In addition, there are different colors in New Zealand and Hawaii. Since the amount of water is high, it should be consumed as soon as it is plucked from the branch. Otherwise, it may deteriorate quickly. If there are no side effects, a specialist generally recommends consuming 2 or drinking a glass of water.



Passionfruit, which is very rich in the B complex that the body needs, prevents the nerve cells from deforming. It has a calming effect.

This fruit, which is ideal for those who suffer from chronic fatigue and insomnia, is recommended to be consumed before bedtime.

Women experience some health problems during menopause, when they are likely to live after age 45. These problems are both physical and spiritual. This fruit is beneficial in reducing these effects.


Pharmacies have mixtures in which this fruit is the raw material. These mixtures are usually given as supplements. It is good for pain. It also prevents cramps and spasms.

Serotonin gives happiness by increasing the hormone. It increases the functionality of the brain.

As it contains high fiber, it helps the intestines to work, and thanks to the acidic properties it contains, it prevents the accumulation of bacteria and infections in the urinary tract.


Bone cells developing from the womb require a calcium substance in particular. Passionflower is rich in this substance. Therefore, it contributes positively to bone and muscle development.

It is an ideal food for people with iron deficiency. It increases the rate of iron and affects its absorption. It controls blood circulation. This supports the beating of the heart to be normal.

Increases oxygen in the body since the amount of fluid is high in its content. It increases the functioning of the adrenal glands.

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