What are the benefits of saffron to the skin? How is it applied to the skin?

Saffron, one of the livelihoods of Southeast Asia, is ready to be collected in autumn and winter. The bile, which is purple when it is first collected, then turns into a reddish orange color after drying, has positive effects on both the body and the skin. So what are these? Unknown benefits to the skin of saffron plants. . .

Women who care about skin care in recent years make great use of both herbs and miracle herbs from nature. Saffron is one of them. The saffron plant, which attracts the attention of the cosmetic world, is obtained from the flowers of the gypsy plant. Most of the bile in the world is harvested in Iran. Saffron gives a nice color to the food because it contains a carotenoid pigment that gives crocin a golden color. If we come to the subject, saffron plant provides many benefits from wrinkle prevention to regeneration of the skin. According to the experts’ statements, saffron plants lighten the skin and minimize the appearance of skin spots. Saffron, which will be the favorite of women who suffer from pimples, will bring smooth skin.

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Saffron, which protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, is also taken under control of skin health. When applied regularly to the skin, it eliminates all the problems, prevents the formation of wrinkles and allows the wrinkles to decrease.

Safran, the most expensive spice of today, grows only in Safranbolu in our country. It is a combination of three separate strings at one point. Saffron is used in the treatment of adolescent pimples, increasing the brightness and vitality of the skin, preventing aging of the skin, preventing the sun damage to the body, and treating skin spots.


It is a natural oil since there is no chemical in saffron oil. You can use it with peace of mind for your adolescent children. Thanks to the vitamins and minerals in saffron oil, it prevents the skin from young, beautiful and wrinkled.

Saffron oil is very useful for removing birthmarks, acne spots and sun spots on the skin.



Mix 1 teaspoon of saffron with 2 tablespoons of milk. After thoroughly mixing, leave in the fridge to cool. When your mask cools, it will begin to consistency. When it comes to consistency, your mask is ready to apply. Apply your mask to your entire face and neck using a face brush. After waiting for about 5-10 minutes, you can clean your skin with a wet sponge or a damp towel.

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