What are the benefits of tomato juice? How to prepare tomato juice?

Being the richest food in terms of antioxidants, tomatoes are therefore indispensable for body health. Being beneficial for health, tomatoes can be consumed in many varieties. These benefits increase when tomato juice, which is rich in sodium and potassium, is removed. We have compiled the curiosities about tomato juice, which is preferred to be consumed by mixing with foods such as celery, carrots and beets. What are the benefits of tomato juice?

Lycopene is the most powerful component that provides antioxidants in nature. Lycopene also provides color as much as the amount of food it contains. It causes colors like orange red purple. Tomato is also the richest food in lycopene. Therefore, it has even been the subject of scientific research. The antioxidant cleans the free radical cells in our body and reduces their activity on the organs. It also prevents mutation or tumor formation by rapidly supporting the regeneration of cells. In a study, it was found that people who regularly drink a glass of tomato juice every day for 5 weeks have less harmful substances in their bodies. A report was revealed that the risk of developing cancers themselves in the family history of some people included in the study was revealed. This has proven that tomato juice prevents cancer formation.

tomatoes contain a high content of lycopene


– As scientists say, tomato juice is a natural medicine that repels cancer. It prevents the onset of cancer thanks to carotenoid substances. Studies reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer by 30 percent.

Tomato juice also increases the function of the intestines by regulating digestion. This prevents constipation. It also helps to lose weight.

– It reduces bad cholesterol thanks to the fibers it contains. It allows cholesterol to be broken down and disposed of.

– Balances blood pressure. It takes precautions against sudden rise and fall. This helps reduce the risk of low and high blood pressure.

a glass of tomato juice clears inflammation in the body

– It prevents the clumping of thrombocyte cells, which is a blood-forming substance, and reduces the risk of clotting. It also provides benefits against viruses. Thus, because the blood flow is balanced strengthens the physiological functionality of the body.

– A glass of tomato juice consumed every day helps relieve inflammation from the body easily.

– In researches, tomato juice, which strengthens the cells, also benefits the skin as it helps the liver to remove toxins. In particular, it prevents acne and acne formation.

– For eye and bone health, experts recommend tomato sense.

Foods such as celery and carrots increase the benefits of tomato juice.


First, soak 4 tomatoes in hot water. This application makes it easier to peel the skin of the tomato. Then, slice it, add 2 glasses of chlorine-free water in a pan and boil. Take the well-cooked tomatoes from the stove and wait for them to cool. Add thyme, celery and carrot slices into the blender. Drop a few drops of olive oil and consume a glass of fresh a day.

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