What are the comments of those who use baking soda mask?

Face masks made with baking soda are the most popular beauty care method of recent times. In this article, you can read the comments of those who make carbonate masks.

Comments of Those Who Make Carbonate Masks

I first learned about the carbonate mask from Suna Dumankaya while watching TV. I mix ½ teaspoon of baking soda and ½ tablespoon of yogurt and apply it on my face and leave it for 60 minutes.. After the time is up, I rub the mask off my skin and wash my face. It is enough to do this mask once a week. But if you have acne or open wounds, you should be careful not to touch the mask, otherwise it will hurt a lot. My black spots disappeared, but frankly, I did not understand whether it had an effect on my skin spots. Still, my skin looks clean even though it is oily. I hope it works for you too.

I apply the baking soda mask every 3-4 days. Especially my blackheads have decreased a lot. If you are hurting from the baking soda mask, you either put too much baking soda or your skin is very sensitive. I make it by mixing a teaspoon of baking soda, ½ tablespoon of yogurt, and a drop or two of lemon juice. It also helps dry up my acne.

I decided to try the baking soda mask 15 days ago. When I first applied the mask, my skin burned incredibly. After waiting for a while, the burning sensation disappeared and after waiting for a total of 15 minutes, I washed my face. But acne started to appear on my face. Luckily it was the weekend and they were back in two days. My skin is in better condition now, I will try to do it again over the weekend.

Girls, I think you should not put all the materials you find natural on your face. I have a friend who tried the baking soda mask and got a burn mark on his face. He will live with that scar for the rest of his life. I am speaking as someone who has knowledge on these issues; Don’t make a mask with baking soda! Our skin has a pH level of 5.5, that is, it has an acidic structure. Carbonate is basic. By making this mask, you are playing with the pH balance of your skin.

It is a mask that I normally apply regularly, even though I have not had the opportunity to do it for a long time. I add 2 teaspoons of corn flour in addition to baking soda and yogurt. When I do it this way, it is more effective on my blackheads. In addition, if you use it for a long time, you will see a whiteness and brightness on your face.

If you make the baking soda mask as I did, you will not have any problems, here is my recipe; I will write in some detail. First, put half a tablespoon of yogurt in a bowl and whisk. Sprinkle baking soda on it with the tip of a spoon (about ¼ teaspoon). Beat this mixture for 1-2 minutes. During this process, you will see that the yoghurt swells and it is enough to apply the mask to your entire face. If you prepare it as I say, you will see the benefits of baking soda mask. But if you increase the amount of carbonate, your face may burn, friends. So be careful with the quantity.

As we all know, contacting the wax with the skin when it is very hot, going directly to the sun after waxing or applying cosmetic products to the area causes stains on the skin. I started making a baking soda mask on my upper lip and armpits for these stains. I only tried it once on my armpit but I didn’t see much change. But it worked pretty well on my lips. That’s why I’m going to ignore my armpits and continue to do it on my upper lip. It’s enough for me to fix it

Friends, the baking soda mask is definitely not a mask suitable for everyone and every skin, let me tell you… I tried it once, and my skin burned out. After cleaning it, big red spots started to appear. I think you should apply it to a small part of your face and wait before trying it. If you don’t see a problem after washing, you can do it all over your face. Looking at the comments, there are those who find it very useful, there are also those who have a burning face. For sensitive skin, it will be useful to put baking soda as the tip of a teaspoon. Too much burns the skin.

I also learned about the carbonate mask from Suna Dumankaya. I first saw it in a skin care magazine. I had to do it 5-6 times to see the obvious effect. Now my freckles have lightened and they have decreased a lot.

Since my mother’s skin tone is a bit dark, we tried making a baking soda mask. We saw a pretty good opening. When we first applied the mask, it felt burning, but after washing it, there was no burning.

Baking soda is also used to whiten teeth. So there really is a bleaching effect. I tried the mask too, my face never burned. After washing it, I saw that the color has lightened quite a bit. It’s just that my acne hasn’t gone away so I can’t decide if it’s any use for them.

While I am preparing the carbonate mask, I put a few drops of lemon juice in it, friends. I’ve been using it for 2 months. My blackheads were cleared, my freckles began to lighten. Even my sister, who said that my freckles increased every time she saw me, said that my skin looked radiant and became beautiful. It didn’t cause any allergic reaction to me. I suggest you try…

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