What Are The Comments Of Those With Colon Cancer?

Comments of Those Who Have Colon Cancer Surgery

Colon cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. In this article, you can read the comments of people whose relatives have been diagnosed with colon cancer and who have been treated. Comments have been compiled from Ekşi Sözlük and other forum sites.

In May of last year, my father was diagnosed with colon cancer and a surgical operation was performed. Since it was diagnosed early, there were no problems such as spreading, and it does not neglect its controls. However, he could not fully regain his former health after the operation. He lost a lot of weight because he could not eat. In addition, he is constantly experiencing gas problems, abdominal pain and abdominal rumbling. The voices coming from his belly are really abnormal. He consulted his doctor for these complaints, of course, he was given new medications and it got worse after he started using it. He cannot sleep, does not want to do anything, and sighs constantly. We tried using probiotics, it didn’t help either. People really can’t stand it, they get very upset, but unfortunately, nothing can be done.

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My father was diagnosed with stage 2 colon rectal cancer two years ago. With the surgery performed, his intestine remained tied to the bag for 5 months. Later, he was taken back into the body. Her appetite completely disappeared during radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments. He also had to be cured with serums because he had a diarrhea problem for a long time. She lost a lot of weight. Although he managed to defeat cancer, new problems began to emerge. If he does not meet his toilet needs immediately, he cannot hold it and misses it, stays in the toilet for too long, has constant abdominal pain and gas problems. He does not want to leave the house because he has a hard time when he goes out. We also consulted with different doctors, but unfortunately we could not find a solution.

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Exactly 7 years ago, we learned in today’s history that my grandmother had colon cancer. It took only 50 days for the disease to take over his entire body, and we received the news of his death. Yesterday, the mother of a friend, whom I saw as my brother, died of colon cancer. He succumbed to the disease within a week. Colon cancer is such a disease, friends. It is a great chance to be diagnosed early and have treatment options. Because it is a disease that consumes people not slowly, but in the blink of an eye.

My dad managed to beat colon cancer. Now he goes to his controls. However, adhesion occurred in the small intestines after surgery. His doctor did not provide any specific information, but said it could be due to radiation therapy or surgery. As this situation is diagnosed too late, performing the second surgery is also delayed. It has not yet fully recovered due to negligence. The bowel tip was removed from the body and became very weak. One more surgery will be done to allow the intestine to be taken inside. I hope everything will get better afterwards. There are patients who overcome this disease even in its last stage, do not lose your spirits.

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The disease that made me lose my mother was colon cancer. To prevent this disease, I researched many foreign science articles and sites. I would like to share the information I have acquired with you. The diet list should be mostly vegetables, and anticarcinogenic foods such as garlic and fiber foods should definitely be consumed. Because these foods greatly reduce the risk of cancer diseases. Processed meat should not be consumed in any way. Fruits that contain powerful antioxidants and are rich in magnesium should be eaten frequently. Dried black plum supports the production of beneficial bacteria found in the intestines and reduces the risk of colon cancer. Therefore, it should be consumed regularly. It is recommended to use chia, hemp, and flax seeds as it is of great importance to get fiber regularly. Adequate vitamin D intake is very important to protect from colon cancer. If necessary (optimal value between 50 and 70 ng / ml) vitamin D3 supplements should be used. In addition, the use of folic acid (folate) and multivitamin, which is mainly calcium and does not have a very comprehensive content, also reduces the risk of cancer. Dark green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits are rich sources of folic acid. Non-organic red meats contain glyphosate. This substance should not be consumed as it is harmful to the human body. At the same time, conditions such as obesity, excess weight, waist circumference and fat storage in the belly increase the risk. Studies have proven that people who exercise exercises that reduce insulin values ​​have 30% to 40% less colon cancer than people who remain inactive for a long time. It is very important to quit smoking and alcohol habits to prevent colon cancer. Another study revealed that people who consume garlic alongside fresh fruits and vegetables have 35% less colon cancer.

Almost 3 years ago, we found out that my father-in-law had colon cancer. It had progressed to the 4th stage when it was diagnosed. It was also found that he had liver metastasis. After 6 cycles of chemotherapy, she was operated. He has been living with colostomy for 1 year. After the operation, 6 cycles of chemotherapy treatment was given again. Despite this, cancerous cells covered his entire body. He spends his last moments in Gazi University hospital. His kidneys went bankrupt and he had breathing problems. When we listen to our body, we can see the signs early, please do not neglect this and do not interfere with your regular check-ups.

My grandfather got colon cancer when he was 66 years old. Nobody in the family had this disease. The wounds in the intestines turned into cancer in the later stages, that is, it started with ulcerative colitis. Because he saw blood when he went to the toilet, the family consulted the doctor. His physician also recommended a doctor friend. The cancer was confirmed first by tomography and then by colonoscopy. After the piece was taken, tests were done and he went into surgery. Cancerous tissues were cleaned. Since he was an elderly patient, the intestine was not taken out. When there was an intestinal leak in the first week after the operation, he was re-operated and his intestine was removed. After 1 year, it was placed in the body again. Since it was diagnosed at the first stage, chemotherapy treatment was not needed. He never stopped his controls. Although he lost a lot of weight, he regained his health as time passed. Fortunately, he is fine now, 4 years have passed since his illness.

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