What are the damages of liquid soap causing nail breakage!


What are the harms of using liquid soap? Some of us prefer solid soaps to ensure hygiene, while some of us prefer liquid soaps. But liquid soap has a harm we never knew! Experts warn! Liquid soaps cause nail breakage! Here’s why!

Be sure to wear gloves!

The main cause of nail breakage is due to a lack of vitamins and minerals. If you want to know if your nails are healthy, you can look at its color first. If your nails are pink, transparent and dished, this means that you have healthy nails. As the weather cools, hands dry and crack more quickly. Therefore, it is beneficial not to neglect to use moisturizer. Besides, you will definitely need to wear gloves.

Avoid contact with cold water

In terms of health, use of soap bars is generally recommended. Liquid soaps are said to cause nail breaks. There are some things you need to be aware of in cold weather in winter. Especially avoid contact with too much cold water. In addition to liquid soaps, it causes nail breakage in detergents used in house cleaning. Therefore, avoid any contact. Be sure to wear gloves.

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