What are the factors that cause premature aging?


Nutrition and sports habits, human relationships have an indirect impact on aging. Many habits we have cause us to age quickly. It is possible to look younger with the changes you will make to your daily routine. You can avoid premature aging by avoiding the errors listed below. Here are 11 habits that cause premature aging. . .

Excessive red meat consumption

The effect of red meat on aging is not only about refusing to eat, but more about the amount you consume. A study has proven that eating too much red meat and too little fruit and vegetables leads to looking older. Because this kind of nutrition increases serum phosphate levels in the blood. It can also cause chronic kidney disease.

sitting more than 8 hours a day

People who do not sit and exercise for most of their day look 8 years older than they are biologically. Experts researching over 1,500 women have found that this even goes into our DNA. Accordingly, prolonged sitting can shorten the length of the chromosomes. Shortened chromosomes can also cause certain diseases. For this reason, the researchers recommend exercising at least 30 minutes a day and taking a break from sitting every 30 minutes.

Frequent diet changes

We must adhere to a particular eating routine to stay healthy and fit. When we change our diets very often, we can harm ourselves by stressing it because our body is unable to adapt instantly. Unfortunately, stress can age us faster. Also, short-term changes in eating patterns can lead to muscle and bone loss. As a result, this causes premature aging.

Not having the hormone levels checked

Our hormone levels change with age, and if there is an imbalance, it affects our entire body. This not only causes mood swings, but your skin and hair can also change and look much worse than normal. Do yourself a favor and have your blood tested once a year to have your hormones checked.

Not having friends

Neglecting your friendships and social life can lead to health problems and faster aging. Loneliness is also a factor that increases the risk of death. In fact, the effects of feeling alone are almost equivalent to smoking. Such an effect can be seen more in people who have no friends, go out, or have fewer friends than the average person.

consuming too much sugar and dairy products

A piece of fruit starts to look a little different after being exposed for a while. It becomes brown because its sugar reacts with its proteins, and the same reaction happens in our body when the sugar starts to react with collagen. Our skin becomes dull and pale. There are also some researchers who say that dairy products can make you look older because they can increase inflammation. This causes oxidative stress, which may be the main cause of premature aging.

wearing very heavy earrings

Heavy earrings damage the sensitive areas of the ears. Your skin is stretched more than usual and loses its elasticity in a way that creams cannot remove. This may seem like a minor aging factor at first glance, but our ears are a very visible part of our body. When your earlobe appears drooping and old, this also makes you look older than your age.

Frequent flights

The humidity in aircraft cabinets is generally less than 20 percent. So it’s not surprising that our skin gets dry after the flight! To avoid this, keep a small moisturizer with you and drink more water. This is especially important on long flights. Also, planes are full of bacteria that can cause acne. Do not forget to wipe your face after the flight with some antibacterial wipes that you will put in your bag!

Taking too many dietary supplements

Nobody knows that vitamin deficiency will cause unhealthy skin, hair and nails! However, when you constantly overdose these supplements, you can pose a threat to your health and youth and even create a toxic effect. When your body is “poisoned”, all systems suffer, so you look worse and get older.

Drinking water from the bottle

If we say that daily habits like drinking water from the bottle can create very deep wrinkles on your lips. . . Of course, this has nothing to do with biological aging, but extra wrinkles may make you look older.

Not taking a shower after sports

This is not just about hygiene. Sweating can irritate the skin and cause aging. If you want to take a shower at home after doing sports, at least make sure to wash your face before leaving the salon.

To look younger;

Researchers say that aging is a healthy aging, without suffering from any chronic disease, without memory problems and “normal” physical difficulties. If you regularly eat nuts and do sports in your middle ages, this makes a great contribution to you in the future. So people who eat nuts and do sports look younger.

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