What are the harmful habits we do unwittingly look at the phone!


Some behavior that we do unknowingly or knowingly in your life routine may not be beneficial for our health. You can ensure a better life by avoiding the habits listed below. Here are harmful habits made unwittingly!

Leaning at the phone

When you look at the phone by leaning on it, your neck carries the entire load and there is pressure on the neck. This pressure damages the spinal cord. It will be healthier for you to keep the phone at eye level.

High heels

Often high-heeled shoes can cause serious problems by disrupting the anatomy of the foot. When heeled shoes are worn, the force center of the body shifts forward, as a result of which distortions in the hips and spine are observed.

Sleeping by phone

Falling asleep with electronic devices; Impairment of sleep order and quality can cause weight gain and daytime fatigue. Therefore, it will be a healthy method to remove your electronic devices from yourself before sleeping.

Too much sleep

Regular and adequate sleep is important enough to protect your body from many diseases. Too much sleep causes many diseases and is a symptom of many diseases. Ideal sleep hours are 7-9 hours.

Washing hands with hot water

Many experts say that boiling water causes microbes to die. However, wash it with hot water as much as you want, but you can not let the germs die. When you wash hands with warm water, germs will be vulnerable.

Washing hands fast

Washing hands frequently is very important, but doing this quickly will not prevent germs from literally dying. To kill the germs, you should wash them with plenty of water and soap for 20 seconds.

Eating too fast

Foods that are not fully chewed and eaten, make digestion difficult and affect your digestive system. At the same time, eating fast food makes you feel hungry quickly. Someone who eats fast for a long time may experience digestive problems, diabetes and heart conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to swallow the food you eat after chewing it thoroughly.

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