What are the most germ-containing cutlery drawers?


Kitchen is an area where ladies spend a long time at home and cleaning is of special importance. Well, do you know where the most germs in your kitchen? These areas carry 10 times more bacteria than the door handle of a bathroom. Here are the most germ-bearing places of your kitchen!

Tray in the microwave

If the rotating table in our microwave oven is not cleaned as required, it can contain serious germs. We will never forget the microwave cleaning again because we now know that it may be covered with more bacteria than an average toothbrush.

Cutlery drawers

One of the places with the most germs in the kitchen is cutlery drawers. The cutlery drawer has four times more bacteria than the average toilet handle.

Refrigerator shelves

Prepare yourself: Analysis of a refrigerator shelf showed that the surface carried 10 times more bacteria than the door handle of an average bathroom. It can be comforting to know that the cold air of the refrigerator helps slow down bacterial growth, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely eliminated.

Fruit plate

If you have the habit of washing the fruits before putting them in the bowl, stop this immediately! Since the fruit naturally carries bacteria on its surface, washing the product before putting it in the fruit bowl can create a completely moist environment for bacteria to attach. Apparently, a bowl with washed fruit probably contains 163 times more microbes than the kitchen sink. The solution is quite easy: Don’t wash your fruits until you are ready to eat them.

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