What are the natural ways to plump the lips?


Plump lips have recently become one of the most important elements of beauty. Unfortunately, not every woman can have full lips. Instead of using chemicals such as filling, silicone, you can prefer natural methods to make lips full. Even changing the lipstick you use will make your lips look the way you want. We shared the tips that should be applied for full lips!

Get rid of dead skin on your lips

If you want to make your lips plump, first you need to get rid of the dead skin on your lips. Brush your lips with a soft bristle brush. In this application, which you can do by adding toothpaste, it will exfoliate the dead skin on your lips. Make sure to brush this mixture with small circles and apply it to the lips around the skin. You can have fuller lips by swiping the toothbrush on your lips by speeding up the blood flow.

Lip plumping lipsticks

Lip plumper lipsticks can work for you. However, it is important to remember the allergic reactions that may occur such plumping lipsticks. If your skin and lips are sensitive, lip plumping lipsticks are definitely not recommended. You may feel a burning effect on your lips while doing this application, but your lips will look fuller in a very short time.

Bring your lips to the fore

Apply a white pencil around your lips or a closer lighter than your skin around your lips. You can make your lips look fuller and more attractive with shine lipstick.

Use lip liner

Take care to apply the lip pencil that you will use according to the color of your lipstick symmetrically and without exaggerating. Do not try to completely change the shape of the lips. Another easy method is to apply the lip liner by applying your full concealer. With this method, you can follow your lip lines more easily.

Apply lighter shades lipstick

One of the best ways to have full lips is through the right lipsticks and shades. Especially dark lipsticks make your lips look smaller than they are. The light tones lipsticks and brighteners make you have fuller lips as the light reflects the gloss.

Natural method lip plumpers

You can make your own lip plumper using natural ingredients. You can make your lips look full when you apply cinnamon – petroleum jelly or balsamelin mixture on your lips for 5 minutes. Using clove oil is also an effective method to plump lips.

Add shadow to your lips

All you need is a brown soft eyeliner. You can shade your lips by applying the brown eye pencil only on the bottom of the lip. The lips you shade look fuller. Be careful not to overdo the brown eye pencil.

Use petroleum jelly for full lips

Vaseline is an effective solution for full lips. In addition to moisturizing your lips, it adds shine to your lips, making it look fuller. You can exfoliate by adding a little salt to the vaseline.

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