What Are the Reviews of Benzamycin Users?

What Does Benzamycin Acne Cream Do?

Benzamycin is a medicinal cream used to treat acne. In this article, you can find the comments made by users for Benzamycin acne cream.

Reviews of Benzamycin Acne Cream Users

  1. I have used this cream regularly for 3 months for acne clusters on my face for an unknown reason. I still apply it before I go to sleep whenever I get acne. I have used many acne medications, but Benzamycin is the most effective in my opinion.
  2. I don’t have extremely acne-prone skin. It only comes out on my stressful days. One of these days, my doctor gave me Benzamycin and told me to use it regularly for 3 months. I can say that I don’t have a single pimple on my skin. Then I took a break, wondering if my face would go back to normal if I didn’t use it for a week or so, and all my acne was back. I do not think that those who want a guaranteed solution will get the result they expect.
  3. My doctor gave me Tetradox cream, Salsil gel and Benzamycin cream last week. I’ve already had an excellent result. When you apply it on your face, it stretches enough to prevent mimics and leaves a white layer. So it would be better to apply before going to sleep. And many people do the mixing process without reading it carefully. What needs to be done is to mix the powder and alcohol in the box well, then pour it into the big box and continue mixing it well until it has a smooth consistency. If you pour powder and alcohol into a large box and prepare a rough cream, you will not get the desired result when you apply it to your face.
  4. I have used many acne medications but Benzamycin was the only one that really reduced my acne. You get very good results as long as you continue to use it. However, if you stop using it early, as the acne decreases, acne starts to appear again. Therefore, you need to continue to use it for the period specified by your doctor and without interruption.
  5. I’ve been using Benzamycin for almost 3 weeks, but it didn’t seem to have much effect on me. My pimples did not decrease and spread from my chin to my cheek area. I really can’t cope…
  6. The first day I used Benzamycin, it had no effect on my skin. I thought I would use it comfortably for a long time. When I woke up the next day, I started seeing mild redness and stopped taking the medicine. The next day, my face was completely swollen, red and puffy. I rushed to the emergency room, my skin showed an allergic reaction. I received allergy treatment for 1 week. Thanks to the injection they made, my skin was able to get back to its former state.
  7. I used Benzamycin when I was in high school, it helped a lot. But when my acne started to increase, I started using tablets. When I turned 21, my acne also came back. This time, instead of using heavy drugs like Roaccutane, I started using Benzamycin again. I can’t get the efficiency I did in high school, but now.
  8. I have small acne-like blisters on my face and they just don’t go away. That’s why I used Benzamycin. Although it was not very good for my blisters, it solved most of my skin problems and made my complexion lighten. That’s why I was satisfied. I wish I had used another box and left it that way.
  9. The cream I use to deal with my acne after 18. A liquid and powder comes out of the box. After shaking it well, you need to pour it into the box and mix it well. It is important that there is no roughness. You can store the mixture you prepared in the refrigerator for up to 3 months. When I first used it, my face was pretty tight, I think I applied a little too much to heal quickly. It dried my skin very well, and I started to see the effect when I used it regularly.
  10. My doctor gave me this medicine when pimples started to appear all over my face. Normally I don’t get a lot of acne. One box was enough for me for about 2 weeks because I also applied it to my neck. Before I started the drug, I learned that it has a lightening feature, I didn’t want a difference in tone between my face and neck. When I use it regularly, my skin has become like a baby’s bottom, but I don’t think it will stay like this until I die. It also helped a lot with my blackheads. I don’t have any blackheads on my nose right now. In short, I saw the benefit. If your doctor recommends it, I say use it regularly.
  11. I’ve been using it for about a year. I am very happy while using it. But when I quit, I go back to my old self within 15 days. When I use it in winter, it gives better results, not a single blackhead remains. It is also effective in summer, but not as much as in winter. I continue to use…
  12. I have had acne on my back for 2 years. I said from sweat, shower gel, conditioner, I waited patiently but it didn’t go away. I tried 5 or 6 acne creams, it still didn’t go away. Last year, a dermatologist prescribed it. I’ve been using it every three days since then.

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