What Are the Reviews of Madecassol Users?

What Does Madecassol Ointment Do, What Are The User Reviews?

Madecassol cream; It is a highly effective product that provides the removal of many critical and uncomfortable problems such as acne scars, cracks, wounds and burns on the skin. In particular, this cream, which renews skin cells with the help of various special compounds in its structure, treats many skin disorders.

What Are the Reviews of Madecassol Users?

I started using this cream two months ago. I used to apply it once a week on a certain day of the week (for example, from Wednesday to Wednesday), and I used it as a night cream. It felt really good and my skin has changed noticeably from the outside. I stopped using it now because as far as I know, this cream should not be used all the time.

Madecassol cream; It is a supportive product that provides healing of acne spots on the skin, redness of irritated skin, sunburns and scars. In an article I read, it was stated that it was also good for cracks. I witnessed that this cream lightened the spot on my face after the sun by 1-2 tones within two weeks. I did not face the problem of acne, but I did not use it constantly every day anyway. Since it is an extremely heavy cream, I only used it once every other day, before going to sleep at night.

Madecassol cream; For the acne problem on my left cheek, I used it regularly for a while every day. I was very pleased with this magnificent cream, which does not leave any traces of both acne and scars. Occasionally, I mix it with Depanthol and use it as a moisturizer after the shower, it really helps my skin. This ointment, which removes the damage on the skin surface and restructures the skin, can be used for wounds, burns and all similar problems. This product, which is very effective in treating skin damage, also repairs the skin that has become sensitive and thinned due to excessive peeling.

This cream, which I used on the recommendation of a friend, was very good for acne spots on my face. I regret why I haven’t used it until now. This cream shows a noticeable tangible effect immediately after only 1 week of use.

Last year, I had a bad experience; A hairdresser’s apprentice burned my mustache all the way through while waxing. And it was New Year’s Eve that day. That’s when Madecassol cream came to my rescue and quickly healed the burns on my skin. I will never leave this cream with me, which almost causes the complete renewal of my skin.

I got the tiny hairs on my face with wax for the first time. I have skin sensitivity and I am white skinned. After waxing, I was bruised like an eggplant. I thought I’d try using Madecassol, and within three hours of applying it, the redness disappeared completely. So I met Madecassol and that’s why I’m very happy.

I first got to know Madecassol cream three years ago, when I was on vacation. It was as if I unconsciously exaggerated the situation by sunbathing all day; So much so that almost half of my face was peeled off. I immediately bought it in a pharmacy, they gave me Madecassol cream.. I used Madecassol with sunscreen and the peeling skin of my skin was healed, there was no trace of that disaster. Madecassol is my number 1 choice to this day. Something similar happened to a friend of mine last year. While using the kettle, his arm was burned by the steam coming out. My friend has white skin close to albino, we immediately applied this cream on his arm, his skin crusted within 3 days and then fell off. When he recovered, there was no sign of the burn.

I use it for the color imbalance on my face due to acne, I apply it before going to bed in the evening, when I wake up I see that it is very effective. It’s nice to start the day with a rested skin, but I think using it once a week is enough. I have acne-prone skin, but I have never seen this cream cause acne.

I have severe dryness of the skin, I have used many moisturizers, but there was no solution, my skin absorbs the product and after a few hours the same dryness occurs again. I use this cream as a mask to rest my skin once a week, especially in winter days. I apply it before I go to sleep, when I wake up the next day, my dry and dull skin is gone, and a new glowing skin comes in its place. If your skin is not saturated with moisturizer in winter, this cream may be very good for you.

I use this cream 2 days a week, not every day. I do not apply it to my entire face area because I have combination skin and it causes acne in my t-zone. In winter, I take 1 teaspoon of this ointment and break vitamin E into it and use it for my face once a week. But this time I apply it all over my face. Because in winter days, my skin goes from combination to dry. This mixture, which is surprisingly beneficial to my skin, also removes color irregularities on my skin. The information I got from my specialist dermatologist about this drug is as follows: Madecassol is an epithelial product like hametan. In other words, it provides repair of the damaged skin barrier. It has no effect on skin blemishes. But in the case of a scratch, scrape or acne wound, it helps the wound heal faster and minimizes the risk of scarring. It can be applied on chapped lips, but it is wrong to use this cream on the entire face area. It may cause problems such as sensitivity and peeling on the skin and may cause staining if exposed to the sun.

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