What are the reviews of those using the garlic lemon cure?

Garlic Lemon Cure Benefits. Users' Comments

Garlic Lemon Cure Benefits. Users’ Comments

Cure with garlic and lemon is one of the most popular healing methods of recent times. The health benefits of the garlic lemon cure are countless; It helps to lose weight, beautifies the skin, opens the clogged vessels, clears the inflammation in the body, reduces the bad cholesterol …

How To Make Garlic Lemon Cure?


  1. 2 liter glass jar
  2. Lemon enough to fill the two-liter jar with lemon juice
  3. 40 cloves of garlic

Preparation of

First, take a 2-liter jar with a tightly closed mouth or a dark colored jar, or squeeze lemon into it. Crush 40 cloves of medium-sized garlic without washing it into the jar filled with lemon juice to the brim. Cover the jar and store at room temperature for 25 days in a dark place. You shouldn’t neglect to shake this jar twice a day. After 25 days, you should consume half a tea glass half an hour before breakfast. Consume the garlic lemon cure until the jar is finished and you should keep the jar closed every time. You should not add water or sugar to the jar. However, if you want, you can add some water to half a tea glass. Nothing should be eaten at least half an hour after drinking the garlic lemon cure. After half an hour, you can have breakfast. You should take care to drink the garlic lemon cure at the same time every day.

Benefits of Garlic Lemon Cure

  1. Garlic-lemon cure helps in the treatment of vascular diseases in the body. This cure opens the clogs in the veins and prevents arteriosclerosis.
  2. Garlic lemon cure helps to reduce cholesterol and lipid levels. This cure burns harmful fats in the body and accelerates the metabolism, it burns fat and helps weight loss. This cure can increase the appetite with this aspect. Therefore, people should pay attention to their diet and not overdo it.
  3. Garlic-lemon cure lowers sugar in the body and refreshes the pancreas.
  4. Garlic lemon cure helps to dissolve kidney and gallstones. It removes urine and thus helps to relieve swelling and edema in the body.
  5. Garlic lemon cure kills the ulcer microbe called Helycobeacter pylori and provides the definitive treatment of stomach and duodenal ulcers.
  6. Garlic-lemon cure prevents all kinds of rheumatic inflammations and relieves rheumatic pain. This cure also prevents arthritis in joints and bones.
  7. Garlic-lemon cure regenerates brain cells and all nervous systems. This cure regulates the action potential in the nerves, increases the forward-reflex rate, and furthermore helps in the treatment of paralysis and vertigo.
  8. Garlic lemon cure strengthens immunity in the body. In addition, it prevents any kind of allergy in the body and prevents the occurrence of skin allergies, especially of vascular origin and stress-related skin.
  9. Garlic lemon cure protects the body against cancer.

Reviews of Garlic Lemon Cure Users

A friend recommended the garlic lemon cure to my mother a year ago. Normally, my mother does not like or apply such methods at all. However, he tried this cure when the medications given by the doctor did not work. I have had a lot of inflammation in my mother’s blood. Thanks to this cure, the inflammation in the blood has been completely cleared. My mother’s liver enzyme values ​​and cholesterol were always high, but it is not high anymore. But we think that while the garlic lemon cure makes one place, it hurts the other side. Because this cure can lead to stomach diseases such as gastritis and reflux. I think this cure makes stomach sensitivity. Therefore, be careful when applying the cure.

I applied the garlic-lemon cure for 1 month. The first 2 weeks helps to relieve inflammation in the intestine and stomach. During the first weeks of applying this cure, I saw some blood in my stool. First, it removes the inflammation in the urinary tract and then it removes the inflammation in the throat. This causes me to cough up bloody sputum and my sinus inflammations flowed from my nose. The garlic-lemon cure briefly clears the inflammation in the body, opens the veins and even reduces blood pressure. This cure can make sleep because it opens the veins. When you are sleepy, you should have your blood pressure measured. If your blood pressure is low, it will be useful to take a light walk. I think this cure is not suitable for people with low blood pressure.

I applied the garlic lemon cure for wounds on my stomach and intestines 5 years ago on the recommendation of my friend. I had 3 stomach bleeding times. The medications my doctor gave didn’t work. At that time, I could not eat, and I could only eat boiled potatoes. I prepared the garlic lemon cure in a small bottle and when I finished this bottle, the wounds in my intestines were gone. In this respect, I definitely recommend this cure. Garlic and lemon are not harmful to health.

There are many people I know who have applied the garlic lemon cure and benefited. This cure is done as follows; Grate 1 kilo of garlic and 1 kilo of lemon in a bowl and keep the container closed for 1 week in a cool place. During this time, knead for 5 minutes several times a day. After 1 week, strain the mixture through cheesecloth and put it in a jar. Consume 1 tablespoon of this garlic lemon cure every day. Make this cure in a half pound glass jar. After the curing in this jar is over, you should take a break for 6 months. The most important feature of the garlic lemon cure is that it opens the veins, especially the heart vessels.

The garlic lemon cure was recommended to me by someone who needed surgery but refused to have surgery. He applied this cure for 2 months. When he went to the hospital for a check after this time, the doctor could not believe his eyes. I also suggested this cure to a nurse who was uncomfortable with her legs. He says that normally I can’t stand for 2 hours, but now I can run for 24 hours. I do not know the slimming effect of this cure and I have never heard of it.

I prepared the garlic lemon cure for my mother, grandmother and mother-in-law. I also use it occasionally. It smells a little bad, but I like the taste. Many people around me have experienced the benefits of this cure and have recovered.

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