What Are The Reviews Of Those Who Use Hair Removal Cream?

Depilatory creams are one of the methods used to get rid of unwanted hair. In this article, you can read the comments of those who use hair removal cream.

Reviews of Users of Hair Removal, Hair Reducing Cream

In my opinion, hair removal creams are a complete waste of money. If I don’t have to, I don’t use it and I definitely don’t recommend using it. When the hairs grow back, they look like they were taken with a razor. It just eliminates the risk of cutting your skin. You apply the cream to the area with a spatula and leave it for 5 minutes. Then you clean and wash it again with a spatula. After 1 day has passed, your hair starts to grow again. Spray and cream are the same, don’t waste your money.

In my opinion, there is nothing different from a razor. The hairs thicken and grow at the same rate. If you overflow a little from the area you are going to apply, your fine hairs will also thicken and grow. I choose to use a razor in case of an emergency.

Friends, I think you should continue to use the network. I tried using depilatory cream last month, but it’s like a razor blade. It does not take the hair from the roots. I applied it 2 times but there were still black black dots. Moreover, it irritates the skin. I regret using it. My advice is don’t even try it. You’ll be back to the cavemen in a week.

I use depilatory creams for my arms and armpits from time to time. It is very practical when there is an emergency. I can’t remember the brand I used, but it was a well-known product. There are also options for different skin structures. I’m ready in 10 minutes, I’m very satisfied.

I tried depilatory creams, but I did not see any benefit. Moreover, it has a very bad smell. When I learned that it can cause cancer and skin darkening, I threw it away.

When I first used the depilatory cream, I was not satisfied. My hairs grew and I couldn’t see any difference from the razor. Last year, I had my armpit removed at a hairdresser and got infected. The doctor I went to said that other methods were harmful and recommended a depilatory cream. I used it a few more times, but I started waxing at home because I didn’t feel comfortable with it and my hair grew very fast. Now I am using cold wax tape, I am very satisfied. I don’t have the risk of getting a germ and my hairs don’t grow right away.

Many dermatologists recommend depilatory creams instead of razors. The use of razors causes skin irritation. To use a depilatory, your hair needs to be a certain length. Within 5 minutes after applying the cream, the hairs begin to melt and break.

I prefer Veet products as depilatory and I am very satisfied. It has a very practical application. After I started using it regularly, my hair started to decrease. Of course, it does not have the same effect on every skin, but I recommend you to try it.

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