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What are the Side Effects of Fucidin Pomad Acne Cream?

What are the Side Effects of Fucidin Pomad Acne Cream?

Fucidin cream is a cream used in the treatment of various skin diseases. Fusidic acid found in the fucidin cream; It has a very effective improvement against the acne and wounds. Fusidic acid is antibacterial due to its structure. With this feature fucidin cream; It is widely used in the treatment of skin infections.

How to Use Fucidin Cream

First of all, the area where the cream will be applied is cleaned with water and dried with a towel. Apply 2-3 times a day on the skin. The duration of this cream is about 2 weeks.

What is Fucidin Cream?

Fucidin cream;

  1. In the treatment of inflammation and normal acne,
  2. For the healing of burns,
  3. Treatment of eczema infection,
  4. In case of skin itching,
  5. In inflammation of hair root,
  6. In the treatment of infectious skin diseases,
  7. The armpit is used in the event of darkening and treatment of inflammatory skin diseases.

When to Use Fucidin Cream

Fucidin cream is used 2 times a day in the morning and evening.

Does Fucidin Cream Pass Acne and Acne Scars?

Fucidin cream is quite effective on acne. The acne traces on the skin, but the acne, which is already present in the skin after the acuteness and redness passes.

When is the Effect of Fucidin Cream?

The cells in the skin are renewed between 21 days and 28 days. The effect of this drug lasts at least 1 month.

What are the Side Effects of Fucidin Cream?

Side effects are inevitable when using the cream in people who are allergic to the substances in the fucidin. It is useful to consult a doctor if symptoms occur.

The symptoms that can be seen are:

  1. Skin irritation,
  2. Skin drying,
  3. Burning and stinging
  4. Rarely, eczema and swelling around the eye and redness of the face can be seen.

Can Fucidin Cream Be Purchased Without Prescription?

Fucidin cream is also available from pharmacies without a prescription.

Is Fucidin Cream Harmful for Adolescent Pimples?

Adolescent people may use a fucidin cream with a doctor’s advice for their pimples.

What is Fucidin Cream Price?

Fucidin cream price 13.70 TL.

Fucidin Krem User Comments

  1. ”I passed my pubic acne with the help of the fucidin cream.“
  2. ‘Fucidin cream was my remedy for my inflamed acne. “
  3. ”I have read, tried and enjoyed the fucidin cream on the internet, which is good for the blackening of the armpits.“
  4. Um My hand was slightly burned from the stove, I was afraid that the trail would remain. Fucidin cream left no trace thanks to ”
  5. ‘Fucidin cream regulates the moisture and fat balance in my skin, it must be used. “
  6. Id I tried the fucidin cream after epilation. He completely destroyed the pimples on my skin. C
  7. Için I had laser hair removal for the hair on my face. The needle marks on my face were passed through Fucidin cream. ”
  8. I My skin on the skin after the acne always removed. I use Fucidin cream to prevent acne formation after waxing. ”

Is Fucidin Cream Equivalent?

Among the Fucidin cream equivalents;

Fucidin h, Fucibest, Fucicort, Fucidin, Fucidox, Fucitec, Fusidas, Stafine, Tirecort and Tıremix creams.

Is Cortisone in Fucidin Cream?

There is no cortisone in the fucidin cream. It is a powerful cream.

Is Fucidin Cream Used During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding?

Using Fucidin Cream in Pregnancy

For the use of Fucidin cream during pregnancy, a doctor or pharmacist should be consulted. Although it is not clear information about the effects of fucidin cream on pregnancy, its use is not recommended.

Use of Fucidin Cream while Breastfeeding

Women during breastfeeding should consult their physician before using Fucidin cream. As is the case during pregnancy, there is no clear information about Fucidin cream except during pregnancy. The doctor will give you the most accurate information on this subject.


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