What are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer, How to Understand?

Understanding the presence of breast cancer

On behalf of , the findings occurring in individuals should be determined and followed up within a certain period of time under the control of the doctor. Breast cancer, which is seen in every 12-14 women approximately 30 years ago, is a type of disease that threatens the life of 1 out of 8 women today. Occurring due to malignant cells growing in milk ducts in the breast tissue stages of breast cancer. Changes are seen in the response to the treatment process according to these stages. Early diagnosis in breast cancer is life saving.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast cancer findings

Following the detection of in the person, the follow-up process takes place under the control of the expert. When the presence of the disease is diagnosed by the doctor, breast cancer treatment process is started and precautions are taken against the disease. Symptoms of breast cancer can be listed as follows:

Breast Cancer Symptoms;

  1. painless, hard-built masses on the breast
  2. Visible change in breast size
  3. On breast skin; redness, depression, bruising, wound, vascular enlargement, tiny bumps and orange peel appearance
  4. Depressions, wounds, bloody or bloodless discharge, enlargement, flattening or cracks in the nipple
  5. Armpit; masses that can be seen and felt by hand

Conditions that Increase the Risk of Getting Breast Cancer

Breast cancer formation

The situations that pose a risk to are listed as follows:

  • Family history of breast cancer,
  • advancing age,
  • Having a white skin,
  • Radiotherapy before the age of 15,
  • Negative living conditions,
  • Women over the age of 55 are more at risk of getting breast cancer.

Does breast cancer only affect older women?

While it is true that the risk of breast cancer increases with age, breast cancer can occur at any age. One in every 231 women from birth to 39 years of age gets breast cancer (risk <= / 0.5%); Between 40-59 years old, this probability is 1 in 25 (4% ​​risk); It is 1 in 15 (approximately 7%) between the ages of 60-79. Assuming that you will live until the age of ninety, your chances of getting breast cancer throughout your life are 1 in 7. That’s 14% of your overall lifetime risk. Means it is 3. ( Does breast cancer only affect older women?)

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