What are the symptoms of low blood sugar (Hypoglycemia)? What is good for blood sugar drops?

Blood sugar drop called hypoglycemia in medical language is a serious disease that progresses secretly and occurs suddenly after some environmental factors. It negatively affects the quality of life of the person. So what are the symptoms of low blood sugar? What is good for blood sugar drops? Finally, German Chancellor Angela Merkel became curious about her tremor at a ceremony the other day. In the details of the news, we have compiled for you everything that is unknown about hypoglycemia, that is, low blood sugar.

It is called hypoglycemia when the blood sugar is below its normal course. Nutrients taken into the body are broken down by digestion. The resulting sugar is called blood sugar. The body stores this sugar in the liver and begins to secrete it when the blood needs it. However, when this secretion does not occur in a balanced way, it indicates that hypoglycemia disease occurs. Blood sugar drop progresses insidiously and adversely affects the patient’s quality of life. Usually this level is low when everyone wakes up in the morning. However, in some of them, this situation persists, and this causes serious consequences. The main factor in lowering blood sugar is eating habits. This becomes an initial symptom of diabetes later in life.



German Chancellor Angela Merkel suddenly started shaking as she traveled to Ukraine to meet newly elected Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy. These images scared everyone. It was learned that Merkel was affected by the heat and decreased blood sugar.


Inadequate intake of carbohydrate that the body needs

Irregular diet and doing sports

Quick weight gain or loss in a short time

Less work of the adrenal glands is the biggest factor in this, insufficient fluid intake

Intense stress exposure

As a result of experiencing diseases such as blood poisoning

Exposure to too many caffeine and nicotine-containing substances and consuming drugs that lower blood sugar causes blood sugar to drop.



Conditions such as behavioral disorder, severe headache, memory of the brain, increased concentrate deficiency and excessive sweating occur due to low blood sugar. Since these symptoms are the same as the symptoms of some diseases, the patient does not take this seriously before. At the end of this situation, the treatment of the disease is delayed and serious destructions begin to occur in the body. In addition, hand tremor, involuntary tremor on the lips, sudden dizziness, constant depression and waking up by crying with a nightmare in the dream are also indications that blood sugar is low.

In some people, blood sugar drops suddenly at night is understood around 02:00. These patients have difficulty in waking up in the morning, their beds or pillows get wet due to sweating, they feel restless all the time, although the weather is hot, their hands and feet become cold, they experience rhythm disorder, which is the beginning of the heart rhythm disorder.



Treatment of hypoglycaemia disorder depends on its severity. It is tried to be brought under control by early intervention to the mild disease. After determining the condition causing the disease, treatment is shaped according to the expert’s advice. Generally, doctors make nutritional advice to these patients and prescribe some medications to prevent symptoms from relapse. If the disease is not serious, the specialist doctor recommends some applications.


Foods containing omega – 3 should be consumed at least 3 times a week.

A rich breakfast should be made in the morning and fruit should be consumed in the snack.

Fluid supplements should not be neglected during the day.

Diet lists should be prepared after a blood test under the supervision of a specialist.

Conditions such as sports and exercise should be controlled.

Ages of herbs such as rosehip ginger, which affects one glass of blood every day, should be consumed.



Raw tomatoes are the strongest antioxidants in nature. It controls the blood level thanks to the healthy compounds it contains. Low sugar helps increase. People with low blood sugar are among the foods that should be consumed every day. Experts emphasize that two medium-sized tomatoes should be consumed, especially in raw form.



It contains petkin substance that keeps blood sugar in balance. This substance balances the level of blood falling or rising. In addition, since the apple is a full store of vitamins, it increases the body’s resistance by keeping immunity high. Reduces symptoms that progress with low blood sugar.



Dark chocolate, which does not increase the rate of sugar in the blood, causes it to rise slowly. Dark chocolate, especially with a high cocoa ratio, balances blood pressure and prevents ligament pain and rotation. In the researches, it has been determined that dark chocolate has no weight gain effect.


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