What are the symptoms of lung stain? Does lung stain kill?

Do you know how lung staining appeared, which can even result in death? We searched for everything you wonder about lung staining, which is manifested by symptoms such as bloody cough. So what are the symptoms of lung spot? Does lung stain kill? In the details of the news, you can find everything about lung staining along with the cure recipe, which is an expert recommendation in order not to get this disease.

The lung, which is located both to the right and left of the chest in the body, is the main organ of the respiratory system. Lung cleans blood and provides breathing. The lung that provides breathing exchange is an essential stone for the body. The oxygen entering the body during breathing accumulates here and enters the blood. Oxygen is mixed into the blood through veins. Carbon dioxide in the body is taken out of the air spaces in the lungs via the blood. The blood that provides the balance of the body is contaminated with blood or infectious bacteria that settle here by air. One of the dangerous lung diseases is lung stain. Lung stain, which occurs for many reasons, is a visible form of disease. It is usually experienced due to microbes that enter the body through the upper breath and settle in the lungs. If it is dangerous, it may also be a symptom of conditions such as cancer or fungus. For this common discomfort, first x-ray and tomography should be performed. When the expert detects a stain after this process, he makes a research on whether it is serious with detailed examinations.



The most common cause is upper respiratory infections. These infection viruses cause inflammation in the lung membrane.

Hamartomas are fat cells growing in lipomas and capsules. These occur due to some nutrients. Although it has non-cancerous formations, it causes serious health problems in the lung.

It is the most dangerous aspect of lung staining that cancerous cells merge in the lung membrane and form tumors. This condition usually occurs in people with very weak caffeine, smoking and immune systems.

Viruses of diseases such as pneumonia and bronchitis also cause lung staining.



Cough that starts at night and does not stop

growling sound when breathing

Difficulty during swallowing

Swelling in the lower part of the neck

Anorexia and weight loss

Restriction in body movements, muscle fatigue and strain while moving

Flu and sore throat that don’t go away

Blood spitting while spitting



Early treatment is important to prevent cancerous stains before they reach serious levels. Permanent damage occurs when early treatment is not started, even in benign lung staining. Experts usually apply antibiotic therapy to the spots caused by infection.



8 carob

3 cups of water

Wash carob thoroughly. Then cut it into small pieces. Add carob with water to a pot and boil for 10 minutes. Then let it cool down. Strain the cold water and consume one glass each morning and evening. To be effective, it should be applied one month in a row.

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