What are the ways to get rid of hair, try facial razor!


Although not as much as men, every woman has quince hair on her face. However, some women may experience excessive hair growth due to hormonal problems and political ovarian syndrome. Many women are looking for practical solutions to get rid of facial hair. Here are 5 easy methods to get rid of the hair on your face!

You can yellow your facial hair with chamomile water

If you don’t want to get your beard out and want it to be less visible instead, turning yellow will be the right option for you. Instead of dealing with the potential pain of epilation, you can use natural openers like chamomile juice to bleach the hair along your upper lip and on your cheeks to make it less noticeable.

Use razors made for the face

Remember, the razors you hold in your shower and use for your body; you should not apply it to your face. However, while shaving the face is often associated with men, women can do it too. To shave unwanted facial hair, use a small razor specifically designed for this, especially to clean your eyebrows and remove other hairs on the face. Although shaving results will not last as long as tweezers, it is a fast and painless process.

Similar to eyebrow razor, electric facial shavers do wonders to remove unwanted hair. These shavers are typically battery powered, gentle on your skin and function just enough to remove your hair in certain areas you choose.


Although tweezers are not a recommended product for use in removing fine and indeterminate hairs called ‘peach feathers’, they can be used to arrange shapeless eyebrow hair or to hold and position false lashes.


It is the method that provides the longest smoothness of the wax, which will create acne problems in some skin. However, if your skin care routine contains retinol, it must be off the net! Since your skin can have a largely bad reaction; You should avoid using skin care products containing retinol two to five days before waxing your face.

Drawstring methods

Anyone who takes the pulse of the beauty industry and pays attention to beauty trends is aware of the convenience of the method of picking with rope when it comes to shaping eyebrows. Remember, this facial hair removal option for women is not just reserved for touching eyebrows. You can also use this application for your upper lip hair and chin hair. Moreover, this method is safe even if you use a product formulated with retinol.

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