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What are the ways to overcome needle fear?

What are the ways to overcome needle fear?

The fear of needles, called trypanaphobia, is a phobia that can be overcome by treatment. Although widespread, the number of people applying to a specialist for needle phobia treatment is very small. However, it is possible to overcome this problem through various therapy methods.

Needle Fear How to Eat?

Most people with needle phobia avoid medical interventions at the expense of endangering their lives. Patients with high-risk diseases, such as cancer and diabetes, suffer from serious health problems due to fear of needles. There are many patients who refrain from having to undergo laboratory tests, who do not undergo surgery, who want to get pregnant, or who do not, or who are willing to suffer from kidney stones because of fear of being injected.

Fear of needles is a serious condition that must be treated before before causing more serious health problems. There are many methods to treat needle fear:

1. Virtual reality therapy

sanal gerçeklik terapisi

One of the most commonly used methods is exposure therapy. The patient is increasingly compared to the situation and / or object he is afraid of and desensitization is achieved. In virtual reality therapy, computer-generated simulations allow the patient to face the fear and / or object confronted with fear. It has been used in the USA and Europe for more than 15 years. The treatment is carried out by specialist psychiatrists or clinical psychologists who are competent in psychotherapy and who are experienced in virtual reality, who are competent in theory and equipment.

How long virtual reality therapy will last varies from patient to patient. Because the healing process depends on the severity of the patient’s fear.

2. Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy


Psychotherapy is a problem-solving technique that is based on the principles and learning theories of psychology, approaching the patient’s problems through interviews, ie verbal interaction. Focuses on the patient’s current problem, aims to solve more problems in a limited time. Treatment focuses on “now and here.. It is aimed to improve the quality of life by focusing on the problems that affect the patient’s life negatively due to the patient’s fear. The most important goal is to create awareness that will help him cope with the situation and / or object that creates fear.

Exercises or homework are used in practice to transform knowledge learned in therapy into awareness and skills. Along with therapy, medication can also be administered. Many fear can be treated without the use of drugs, but it is also possible to carry out the treatment process only by using drugs. The therapist will explain the advantages and disadvantages of this medication to his patient if he considers it appropriate. Where both treatments are effective, the choice is made depending on the patient. In some patients, the combination of both treatments responds better.

3. Hypnotherapy


Hypnosis is a treatment method that reaches the subconscious and eliminates problems thanks to the suggestions given to the patient. Hypnotherapy with the patient’s suggestions that the needle is not dangerous, subconscious needle fear effectively reaches and addresses this problem. hypnosis and the change in the subconscious level applied by specialist hypnotherapists make it possible to resolve needle fear quickly and permanently.

Apart from these methods, one’s own effort is also very important. In daily life;

  • Sports, yoga and meditation, breathing exercises, muscle relaxation exercises,
  • Listening to music that reduces the level of stress,
  • Reading suggestive books would be very useful.

Instead of ignoring fears, shifting focus to other things will surely yield positive results.

How to Eat Needle Fear in Children

iğneden korkan çocuk

When children misbehave; should not be threatened with sentences like iğne I’ll give you a shot iğne or“ a prick is coming ”. In childhood, fear may begin in children who are threatened by their environment and family, if the child cannot overcome this situation and if measures are not taken, they may face bigger problems when they are adults.

What should we do when the child is given a shot?

  • To comfort the child should not lie and should be told that it may hurt a little but will pass soon.
  • A child’s favorite toy must be kept with him or moving toys should be distracted.
  • A child’s favorite song can be played.
  • A cartoon he likes can be watched, and sentences such as strong characters in cartoons can be used.


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