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What Can You Do To Make Children Read Book Habits?

1 million 300 thousand children are born every year in Turkey. Only 300 thousand of these children can get acquainted with the book as soon as they are born. The remaining 1 million children are born without a book. According to the Ministry of National Education data, more than half of the families with school-age children do not have 25 books in total. To support the mental development of children and to prepare them better for school, the most basic challenge is to read books with them. Because books improve children’s visual and mental perceptions. In this article, we talked about the importance of reading books for children and also talked about how to make them read books.

It is of great importance for children to acquire reading habits at an early age. Reading books improves children’s vocabulary and reveals their creative side

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In fact, children can not gain access to every book in Turkey. Out of 1 million 300 thousand children born every year, only 300 thousand can get acquainted with the book as soon as they are born. The remaining 1 million children are born without a book


Various campaigns are being carried out to introduce children who do not have access to books. One of these campaigns is the 1 Million Book Project


For children born without a book, Prof. Dr. 1 Million Books, a social entrepreneurship project implemented by Selçuk Şirin, aims to meet babies with books that will support their mental development at birth. With the aim of bringing 1 million children who could not reach the books together with books last year, 428,058 books were distributed and the first library of 71,343 children was established. Many artists, writers and scientists who devote their hearts to children to gain a reading habit also support the project. Sezen Aksu, Gülben Ergen, Ahmet Güneştekin, Doğa Rutkay, Zülfü Livaneli and Prof. Dr. There are books consisting of stories written by Yankı Yazgan himself. In the visuals of the stories in the books, there are the signatures of illustrators and designers such as Sedef Gali and Banu Önal, who have won many awards in the national and international arena.

Stating that reading books is the most fundamental effort to prepare children for the future and support their brain and mental development, especially in the preschool period, Selçuk Şirin said; “Unfortunately, no books at home or in Turkey or 1 million children do not have books to read. However, the most basic challenge we have to do as parents for the mental development of children and better preparation for school is to read them. 1 Million Books will shape the future of 1 million children. Regardless of what kind of home they were born into, their financial means or their social structure, children will start school more readily. At least from today, children born in Turkey, tomorrow will be much better prepared in the way. ” says.

How does the campaign work?

1 Million Books was implemented as a social entrepreneurship project. For this purpose, sets of 6 books, developed exclusively for this project, are offered for sale only on For each set sold, a free set of books is sent to a family in need. No royalties or any other items are earned from sales made through This whole process is audited by an independent audit firm.

So why is it so important to get children to read books?


According to research, the brain development and school readiness of children who grow up without books are negatively affected. The ability to read regularly improves the child’s perception skills as well as extends the attention span. The child’s self-confidence increases after gaining the ability to understand what he or she hears, which is the basis of academic success. On the other hand, reading books improves children’s empathy and imagination.

What are the ways to get children to read books?


There are creative and fun ways to get children to read books.

1. Gift a book


Throughout the article, we emphasized that many children do not have access to the book. You can gift a book to a child on a special day when they are waiting for gifts so that they gain a reading habit. Although children may not see the book as a good gift, if you give it a few times, they get used to it and realize its value.

2.Put the books within the reach of children


Children are extremely inquisitive. If you put the books suitable for them where they can access them, they will surely attract their attention and open and shuffle the book. You can choose picture books for preschool children who cannot read yet.

3. Turn technology into a tool for reading


Children are particularly interested in computers and the internet. You can evaluate this situation to gain the habit of reading a book. You can make them gain this habit with book reading sites or book applications. E-books are books, or you can try audiobooks.

4. Turn reading into a fun activity you do together


We can organize reading hours with your child and even turn it into a game. You can organize reading contests as a family and have a pleasant time by telling each other the books you read.

5. Do not limit your reading habits to only books.


Although the aim is to give children the habit of reading books, reading habit is a culture. Therefore, you can have magazines that will attract the child’s attention to your home. You can buy children’s magazines that will interest your children and that they can learn about.

6.Children imitate their parents so read books often too.


Children see their parents as role models. Therefore, if you read books often, your child will start to imitate you. In this way, you can increase his interest in books.

7.Do not pressure to read books, should not see this as a must


One of the mistakes that can be made in gaining the habit of reading books to children is to try to force them to read a book. Children do not like obligations and tend to distance themselves. Make him think that we are doing the book because we want to read and that this is a reward for us.

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