What Can You Do To Turn Anxiety Into Excitement?

There’s a very fine line between anxiety and excitement. Physiologically, the two cases are almost similar. In both, our heart rate goes up, our palms sweat and we feel tense. These symptoms are all caused by overstimulation of the nervous system. Whether you’re preparing for a date or giving a public speaking, the physical sensations felt are very similar. According to experts, the difference between excitement and anxiety has to do with how we interpret emotions. We often associate excitement with positive emotions, and anxiety with negative emotions. But chronic anxiety that we associate with negative emotions; It can harm us by affecting every aspect of life. If these two emotions are very similar, why not turn anxiety into excitement? Recent scientific studies show that being able to manage anxiety and excitement processes positively affects mental and physical health. So how can we do that? Let’s look at the details together.

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Anxiety is an integral part of life. Moderate anxiety makes quick decisions in case of danger, allowing the problem to be solved in a short time.


Slight anxiety felt in daily life is often a good feeling that causes an increase in performance in business life.

However, these concerns should be manageable. When work / school life or social relationships begin to deteriorate due to excessive anxiety, you may be experiencing unusual anxiety. At such moments, it is possible to manage emotions by turning anxiety into “excitement”.


While it may seem like a small change, researchers note that renaming our emotions significantly affects our level of confidence and performance.

Renaming the feelings felt doesn’t mean we’re lying to ourselves


Because excitement is a positive emotion that focuses on what can go well, not what can go wrong. Recent studies show that turning this feeling into excitement when anxiety is felt increases performance in business life. In 2014, a study was conducted at Harvard University on the re-evaluation of anxiety. Participants included in the study were only asked to sing. Before they started singing, one group expressed how excited they were and the other group expressed their concerns. Meanwhile, the physical symptoms and stress levels of the participants were measured by computer. The result was surprising for everyone. Participants who verbally expressed their excitement before singing performed better. Similar studies have been carried out in different parts of the world for a long time. As these studies show, you can reveal a distinct difference in physiological responses by simply changing perspective when anxiety is felt.

Control and influence: how does anxiety turn into excitement?


Of course, you are worried when you see a car driving towards you while walking down the street. The anxiety you feel in such a dangerous situation allows you to move faster and escape. In that moment, no one will expect you to turn your anxiety into excitement. Therefore, in the first step; A distinction must be made between good and bad anxiety. For example, when we go to a job interview, we start to worry. However, the human resources specialist is not a threat to our physical safety. Experts define anxiety as “unhealthy anxiety” even though there is no particular danger. In such a situation, it is extremely safe to turn anxiety into excitement. If you are worried even though nothing threatens you, you can rename your emotions and feel better.

Positive reversal helps you feel safe physically and mentally


For example, you have to present in front of a large crowd. If you feel anxious before going on stage, you might think: “I’m so nervous that I will definitely forget what I was going to tell and I will be disgraced to everyone.” You can reverse this scenario by simply changing the perspective. For example, before the presentation, you can suggest yourself: “I’m very excited about the opportunities this presentation will bring. I will use my excitement to make the presentation louder. ” Reshaping thoughts is the easiest way to get rid of anxiety, as research with thousands of participants has shown.

Dream about success and stop trying to control the results


Anxiety usually occurs when we feel insecure or lose control. You can start using the positive reversal method to fix this. Once an anxiety disorder occurs, it can become increasingly difficult to transform negative thoughts into positive ones. Therefore, the moment you feel anxious, you can focus on the possible good results and feel more confident.

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