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What Causes B17 Deficiency?

What Causes B17 Deficiency?

B17 is a chemical compound consisting of amygdala. Ingredients of bitter almonds, peaches and apricots are rich in vitamin B-17, also known as laetrile and amygdalin. Vitamin b17 was discovered in 1830 and chemist Ernst T. Krebs Jr. At the beginning of the 1950s, b17 vitamin store in the core of bitter almonds used cancer seeds to be cured.

Vitamin b17 is sold under the name laetrile. The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) has launched a campaign against vitamine in recent years, reporting that vitamin B17 is harmful to cyanide.

In the US, pharmacies have prohibited vitamin B17 by FDA.

The symptoms that may occur in vitamin B17 deficiency include;

  1. Cancer
  2. Hypertension
  3. Reduced body resistance
  4. Gingivitis
  5. Pain, especially cancer-related pain
  6. Inflammation in the body
  7. Inflammation of the joints
  8. Metabolic diseases
  9. Anemia
  10. Weakness
  11. Anorexia
  12. Rheumatic diseases
  13. Cardiovascular diseases

What is B12?

  1. Wild blackberries
  2. Cherry
  3. Red currant
  4. Apple seeds
  5. Pear
  6. Plum
  7. Apricot and peach kernels
  8. Bitter almond seeds
  9. Plum in the kernel
  10. Cherry kernel
  11. Brazil nuts (macadamia)
  12. Quince,
  13. Strawberry,
  14. Raspberry

Vitamin B 17 can be harmful!

(Leave empty)B17 vitamins(Leave empty) taking more than a certain dose, cyanide poisoning, disability and death can lead to serious side effects, such as the nucleus of fruits that we never reported without consulting a doctor should not be eaten.

Do not consume the kernels of the fruits that we know unaware of your doctor. The “natural news website” on the popular internet sites of America states that it can be eaten from the apricot kernels of 5-7 pieces per day for protection from cancer. In the case of cancer, the recommended amount is 2-3.

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