What causes calcification? How many types of arthritis are there? What is good for calcification?

Calcification, which is more common in older ages, is one of the diseases that disrupt the daily life routine. Arthritis, which manifests itself with symptoms such as pain and swelling, is seen in the knee, waist and neck. We have researched for you those who are curious about calcification, which negatively affects the movement mechanism. So what causes Calcification? How many types of arthritis are there? What is good for calcification?

This condition, which is a cartilage loss problem, is usually seen in people aged 40 and over. As the cartilage structure at the junction of the two bone surfaces weakens, the possibility of movement decreases, and severe pain is experienced during movement. This genetic disorder manifests itself in the 20s. The main reason for this situation is the decrease in collagen production in the body due to protein deficiency. Collagen is an essential ingredient for bone, muscle and tissue. This substance keeps the body young for a long time. However, as it decreases, it prepares the ground for such serious health problems. In the science literature osteoarthritis The so-called calcification is a condition that negatively affects the patient’s quality of life and subsequently causes diseases. It is more common in women than in men. Especially this situation occurs in the knees. The reason for this is that women are more active than men.

waist calcification reduces the quality of life


Waist calcification, which is one of the types of arthritis, prevents movement the most. Waist calcification caused by excessive wear of the joints causes severe pain and swelling. During the movement, sound comes from the waist constantly. Swelling is seen in the ankles. In addition to those with obesity and sensitive thighs, it occurs more in women than men. Avrasya Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Şenay Şıldır on waist arthritis “There is a material in the joints that covers every end of the bone, which is quite solid. This material, called cartilage, creates a slippery and soft environment and ground for joint movement. It acts as a cushion between the bones. In cases of calcification, the cartilage tissue is damaged because of excessive wear. This causes swelling in the joints, difficulty in movements, bone fragmentation and accumulation of bone fragments in the joint known as joint mouse. As the bone fragments shrink, inflammation may occur in the body.This makes the calcification process even more difficult. ” At the same time, Şıldır emphasized that the treatment of lower back calcification is done to minimize the severity of pain. He underlined that in the first stage, physical therapy was applied to the people.



Weakening of immunity against infected cells entering the body, and settling of these cells up to the bones,

Loss of tissues between two bones during genetic or immune disorder,

Persistence of inflammation in the bones,

Reasons such as the increase of calcium in the blood rather than bones decrease the cartilage tissue over time.

Calcification symptoms


The most striking symptom is severe joint pain. Movement limitation due to joint pain

The sound of the joint clicking or cracking

It manifests itself with symptoms such as swelling in the knee and elbow parts.

When you wake up in the morning, moving due to pain in certain parts of your body is also a strong draw.

To notice that the muscles are stretched and thickened.

Difficulty crossing your legs.

The sounds that come out while moving the knee, elbow and waist while climbing stairs, doing sports or praying, and the pain experienced afterwards, indicate calcification.

Calcification symptoms


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