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What causes constipation in babies who are breastfed? What is good for constipation? Constipation solutions in infants


One of the health problems frequently encountered in infancy is constipation. Constipation, which occurs when the intestines work slower than …

What causes constipation in babies who are breastfed? What is good for constipation? Constipation solutions in infants

One of the health problems frequently encountered in infancy is constipation. Constipation, which occurs when the intestines work slower than normal and the food cannot be digested, can be alleviated with some herbal methods that can be applied with the right methods. So, what are the symptoms of constipation in infants? What should be done to the constipated baby? How to understand constipation in infants? Is olive oil good for constipation? Here are herbal remedies for constipation in babies with all their details. . .

One of the health problems that can be widely seen among adults today is the problem of constipation. Constipation, which is a very troubled situation even in our adults, can be seen in infancy and childhood, which is unfortunately more sensitive. There may be one or more reasons for constipation, which usually develops due to digestive problems, to appear in infancy. Professor Dr. İbrahim Saraçoğlu, especially against the problems of constipation seen after the first 4 months Providing 1 teaspoon of carob molasses in the morning and evening suggests that it is quite effective in preventing constipation. Especially in the constipation problem seen in the newborn period, irregular poop production can be seen since the excretory system is not developed as required. The main point to be noted here is that the mother knows how often her baby is pooping during the day and some determinations may occur depending on the color of the poop. So what should be done to the baby who is constipated? In which babies constipation is more common? How to understand constipation in infants? What to do with babies with constipation. . .

Constipation manifests itself if the amount of baby pooping during the day can vary from day to day with the consumed food, while it is pooping very hard in 3-4 days. While the feces of the newborn baby is between a greenish and blackish color at the beginning, it can be considered normal to have a poop once a week in these babies who only receive breast milk. The feces of babies who do not switch to supplementary food period and who only buy breast milk are mostly dominated by yellow color. So what causes constipation in babies? Here is the answer. . .


Undoubtedly, the biggest reason for the emergence of constipation is directly related to the fact that the amount of fluid that the body needs to take daily is at the lower values. The biggest difference that mothers notice in babies who do not consume enough water during a certain period during the day is that they have difficulty in pooping or they can remove very little stool. Vomiting, diarrhea, and restless behaviors are the first signs that give babies constipation. Nevertheless, constipation is less common in babies who are fed breast milk less than those who start solid food.

The main reason for this is that the baby is getting used to new tastes in the process of supplementary food and that the body adapts to digest many different foods. If we list the causes of constipation in its most basic form in babies, these are as follows:

Structural disorders in the intestine,
– Genetic bowel slow state,
– In babies who consume too much milk,
– Lack of movement in babies who are breastfeeding or what the mother eats,
– Factors such as constant feeding of the baby with solid foods can cause constipation.


The easiest way to notice whether the baby is constipated or not is to follow the baby’s toilet habits. Constipation can be mentioned if a baby who normally feces starts to poop in 2-3 days, if he is straining like he is in his toilet and cries. If the mother sees blood while removing the baby’s stool, it can cause great panic at home.

– The baby’s abdomen is tense and stiff,
– It must be in constant restlessness,
– Fecal-shaped stool,
– Dark stools of black or gray color are known signs of constipation in infants. In such cases, the baby should be brought to the doctor’s control immediately.

There are some methods you can apply at home to help prevent constipation that your baby will encounter within weeks of being born. The problem of constipation, which is not treated, requires surgery on the baby. intestinal obstruction can cause.

WHAT TO DO IF THE BABY CONSISTS? HOW DO constipation passes in the baby?

Infants who have a decrease in the number of poops that change depending on their diet may face constipation. If you have symptoms of constipation in your baby and you suspect constipation, you can ask your doctor and apply these methods that will help constipation in babies. In the amount of a teaspoon to relieve a baby with constipation olive oil you can drink it or after feeding pear you can grate it beautifully and give it to your baby over 1 year old.

Extract the juice from the apple There are opinions that giving to the baby will also relieve constipation. Rich fibers in apples will mobilize the intestines. Taking doctor’s approval to help constipation pass constipation suppository can use.



One of the most ideal and healthy methods of constipation is feeding the baby with breast milk. Breast milk, which helps soften stool to soften, will prevent the constipation in babies by revitalizing the intestines. For this reason, you can prevent your constipation by providing your baby with breast milk.


You can take advantage of the anti-constipation effect of olive oil by dipping a clean ear stick into olive oil and making back and forth and circular movements with the stick on the constipated area. However, since this condition can be dangerous for newborns, it is recommended to be applied with expert approval.


Laying the baby in a supine position and massaging the belly button in a clockwise direction will calm and relax your crying baby. Then, if you follow the same process in the opposite direction, you can see its effect in a short time. Just like in constipation, you can remove colic, which is a condition that can be seen for various reasons. Massage application that is good for constipated babies from Physiotherapist and Ebe Ferda Saraçoğlu. . .


The baby, whose back is lying on the ground, will slightly bend the knees of the baby and apply movements like turning a bicycle pedal will calm your baby. You can both silence and eliminate the discomfort of your baby, who has had a crying episode due to his discomfort.


With the warm shower method that will help relax the stool canal, you can provide your baby with a considerable degree of relaxation. In addition, if your baby has sleep problems, you can get a warm shower before going to sleep at night, so you can get an easier sleep phase.


Experts who stated that water consumption can be given to babies in the transition period to supplementary food, pointed out that this will meet the liquid need in solid foods. You can prevent the problem of constipation in infants by consuming liquid starting from here. .


You can apply the massage method that is effective in soothing and calming the babies in your baby and at the same time you can solve the problem of constipation. Heat your palms, put them on your baby’s stomach and move them in a half-moon shape. This process will prevent constipation by increasing slow bowel movements.




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