What causes constipation in breastfed babies? Herbal solutions for constipated babies

Constipation is one of the most common health problems in infancy. Constipation, which occurs when the intestines work slower than normal and the food consumed is not digested, can be alleviated by some herbal methods that can be applied with the right methods. Constipation symptoms in babies! What should be done to constipated babies? How to understand constipation in babies? Herbal remedies for constipation in babies

Constipation is one of the health problems that can be seen commonly among adults today. Constipation, which is a very troublesome condition even in adults, can unfortunately be seen in infancy and childhood, when the skin is more sensitive. In general, constipation, which develops due to digestive problems, may have one or more reasons for its appearance in infancy. Prof. Dr. İbrahim Saraçoğlu, especially against constipation problems seen after the first 4 months Giving carob molasses in the amount of 1 teaspoon in the morning and evening It claims to be highly effective at preventing constipation. Especially in the problem of constipation seen in the newborn period, irregular poop formation can be seen because the excretory system does not develop as much as necessary. The main point to be considered here is that the mother knows how often her baby poops during the day and that some determinations may occur according to the color of the poop. So what should be done with a constipated baby? Which babies have more constipation? How to understand constipation in babies? What to do with constipated babies …


Child Health and Diseases Uzm. Dr. Ayşegül Parlak said, “Constipation is a major problem that disrupts the quality of life of both children and their families. Approximately 3 percent of preschool children and 1 to 2 percent of school-age children have constipation. Although difficulty or delay in defecation is expressed as constipation. as diagnostic criteria; Less than 3 defecations in a week, hard and fragmented stools, difficulty and pain during defecation is required. In babies with constipation, restlessness, abdominal swelling, continuous crying, cracks in the anus due to hard poop are seen, while older children experience abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, incontinence, urinary tract infections and loss of appetite. In childhood, malnutrition, hormonal and metabolic disorders, gaining toilet habit, delaying the toilet, disorders in the intestine or the nerves that stimulate it, used drugs and constipation due to psychological reasons are seen “.

Causes of constipation in babies

Emphasizing that constipation is most common during the supplementary food process and during toilet training, Dr. Parlak continued his words as follows:

“Among the most common causes in infants, we can see that the mother is constipated and consuming less water, the period when supplementary food is started, the phase of gaining toilet habit, the consumption of excess cow’s milk, the period when using blood medications. We can see constipation in nutritional disorders. Especially the consumption of rice, pasta, rice porridge, potatoes, bananas, excess milk can also cause constipation. Stenosis causes the patient to postpone defecation and constipation. Constipation may increase in hormonal disorders such as low work of the thyroid gland.Children who watch games or cartoons postpone their need for toilet. k raises reasons. ”


How constipation passes in breastfed babies

While the amount of pooping of the baby during the day can vary from day to day with the food consumed, if it is very difficult to poo in 3-4 days, it means constipation manifests itself. While the stool of the newborn baby is between a greenish and blackish color at the beginning, it may be considered normal for these babies who only breastfeed to poop once a week. The feces of babies who do not go into the supplementary food period and only take breast milk are mostly yellow. So what causes constipation in babies? Here is the answer …

What causes constipation in babies? Causes of constipation

The biggest reason for the occurrence of constipation is undoubtedly directly related to the lower levels of the amount of fluid the body needs to take daily. The biggest variability that mothers noticed in babies who do not consume enough water during a certain period of time is that they have difficulty while pooping or they can pass very little stool. Vomiting, diarrhea, and restless behavior are the first signs that give babies constipation. Still, constipation is less common in babies fed with breast milk, which is less experienced than those who start solid food.

The main reason for this is that the baby gets used to new flavors during the supplementary food process and the body is newly adapted to digest many different foods. If we list the causes of constipation in babies in the most basic form, these are as follows:

– Structural disorders in the intestine,
Genetic bowel slowness,
– In babies who consume too much milk,
Lack of movement or what the mother eats in breastfed babies,
– Factors such as the baby’s constant feeding of solid foods can cause constipation.


How is constipation in infants?

The easiest way to see if the baby is constipated is by following the baby’s toilet habits. If a baby who normally defecates every day has started to poo in 2-3 days, if he has difficulty while urinating and cries, then constipation can be mentioned. Seeing blood while the baby is passing the stool can cause a great panic at home.

– The baby’s belly is tight and hard,
– Being in constant restlessness,
– granular feces,
Dark stools of black or gray color are known symptoms of constipation in babies. In such cases, the baby should be brought to the doctor’s control without wasting time.

There are some methods you can apply at home to relieve constipation that your baby will encounter within weeks of being born. Unattended constipation problem requiring surgery in the baby bowel obstruction why could it be.



Babies who have a decrease in the number of poop that varies depending on their diet may face constipation. If your baby has symptoms of constipation and you suspect that it is constipated, you can ask your doctor and apply these methods that are good for constipation in babies. In the amount of a teaspoon to relieve a constipated baby olive oil can drink or after feeding her food pear You can grate it well and give it to your baby over 1 year old.

Extracting the juice from the apple There are opinions that giving it to the baby will also relieve constipation. The rich fibers in the apple will stimulate the intestines. With doctor’s approval for the relief of constipation constipation suppository you can use. Some medicines given to babies in the form of suppositories are administered through the anus to relieve constipation. If the baby has a severe fever and refuses to drink syrup, suppositories may be given. Before the suppositories that are effective in stimulating the anus muscles are applied, the area is softened with either cream or olive oil. The suppository, which is pushed straight through the anus canal, automatically enters in babies.



One of the most ideal and healthy methods to relieve constipation is to feed the baby with breast milk. Breast milk, which softens the hard stools, will revitalize the intestines and prevent constipation in babies. For this reason, you can take precautions against constipation by ensuring that your baby is fed with breast milk.


You can take advantage of the anti-constipation effect of olive oil by soaking a clean swab in olive oil and making back and forth and circular movements with the stick on the constipated area. However, as this may be dangerous for newborn babies, it is definitely recommended to apply with expert approval.


Laying the baby in the supine position and massaging the belly button clockwise will help your crying baby to calm down and relax. Then, if you apply the same process in the opposite direction, you can see the effect in a short time. Just like constipation, you can relieve colic, or gas pain, which can be seen due to various reasons. Massage application from physiotherapist and midwife Ferda Saraçoğlu, which is good for constipated babies …


Gently bending the knees of the baby standing with his back on the ground and applying movements such as turning a bicycle pedal will calm your baby. You can silence and relieve your baby who has a crying episode due to his illness.


You can relax your baby to a great extent with the warm shower method that will help loosen the stool channel. In addition, if your baby has sleep problems, you can have a warm shower before going to sleep at night, thus ensuring an easier transition to sleep.

constipation solutions in infants


Experts stated that water consumption can be given gradually to babies who are in the transition period to additional food, and drew attention to this will meet the fluid need in solid foods. Based on this, you can prevent constipation problem in babies by consuming fluid.

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